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Vikings Season 5 coming soon

Vikings Season 5 is Coming on SDCC! Get the Details of the News Here!

Vikings has been in the news since it ended its fourth season in February.  Now after the big twist with which the series ended people are curious about the coming series. Now there is a good news in store for fans at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con. The panel will occur on Friday, July 21, in Room 6BCF between the time slot of 5:45 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. The news confirmed that the fans can wait to see a new trailer for Vikings Season 5 People have been waiting for the updates on the Vikings Season 5 air date since the previous season closed earlier this year.

While it is a big deal for the show, the sad part is Travis Fimmel may not attend the panel, but that doesn’t mean his presence will not be felt. History Channel has decided to do something extraordinary for the dead Ragnar Lothbrok. There will be a one-day event to tribute to Ragnar and his fellow Northmen who traveled to Valhalla. As no Viking funeral is complete without wine, the organizers will arrange special drinking horns for the attendees. The network will also host a Viking funeral featuring a 45-foot longboat replica at Embarcadero Marina Park South (200 Marina Park Way) which will be set on fire at 7 p.m after the panel starts.

The organizers have another plan to introduce an exclusive comic book for the fans, where they can also drop by booth 4215 and can try on Viking gear and show off their sword fighting skills like the heroes on the screens. The “Warriors Allegiance” booth is said to be open from July 19 to July 23.

There is a lot of speculations regarding the show and the probable news casts for a long time now. But still, nothing confirmed yet. There is a possibility of Lagertha, and one of Ragnar’s sons will die in the coming season. But to know that we have to wait till the show comes on air. The problem is the official premier date of Vikings Season 5 has not been disclosed yet, but it will take place most probably at the end of this year. Till then wait for the new trailer of the series that has been promised to us to know some more facts about the famous show on History show, Vikings Season 5.