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iOS 11 May Feature Group Video Calling for FaceTime

Operating systems or OS are the most pivotal and important part of any device which plays a big role in operating a particular gadget and starts functioning after the user switches his/her device on. We already know how tough the competition is among Windows, Android and of course iOS but the operating system developed by Apple stands out to some extent because of all the innovativeness it comes up with during the launch of each version.

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Even the iOS 10 got its place in the good books of critics and avid Apple users and the most hyped up feature about it was the digital message facility. And it had all the reasons to get hyped as the feature was so amazing and fascinating. People enjoyed sending the digital messages and loved everything about the particular feature. Therefore, the expectations now have elevated for obvious reasons from the iOS 11 which has become the present discussion topic among all those who are impatiently waiting for the release date of iOS 11.

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The iOS 11 will most likely end up getting unveiled in September, 2017, but still the users are not that sure as Apple hasn’t uttered anything about the same. And such prediction has emerged just because the other iOS versions were rolled out in the same month. When iOS 10 came out it sported great innovativeness and came up with a several new features and now we are sure that even the Apple iOS 11 is going to be sporting greater features.

Therefore, expectations have gradually gone higher. Siri can turn out to be even more better this time, though the AI getting compatible with third party apps was well received but now each and every user demands more and want developers to make the AI by Apple support some other applications as well.

FaceTime is one of the essential parts about the iPhone and imagine a great update for the feature. FaceTime is even more convenient than Skype as per the users of the iPhones as it offers video calling but sources say that the developers are planning to introduce the option of group video calling for FaceTime. This request was appealed by the users since a long time due to which their wish might have all the chances of getting granted this time.

The Dark Mode feature has been in the news for quite sometime as the iOS 11 may sport this particular feature as well. It is going to be highly convenient for all the users if they get to utilize the feature. It is going to make the display of the iPhones dark which will be convenient for the users as their eyes would get less stressed. Therefore, the Dark Mode features seems to be pretty much interesting and in demand.

We can predict an update in the iMessage section also as the inclusion digital message worked really well for the users. And even a lot more emojis are predicted to come up with the awaited iOS 11.

Nevertheless, the operating system by Apple is definitely going to create a storm after its release.