Samsung Galaxy S9: Check what’s new about this upcoming device?

Samsung Galaxy S9: The hi-tech world has given us the immense opportunity in the field of development. And standing in the 21st century, we can get almost everything by the help of technology. There have been many a brand producing different smartphones, but some brands know how to excite users by their upcoming flagships. Samsung has always been one of the stalwarts in manufacturing latest and finest smartphones. This South-Korean based company has successfully produced many developed flagships. Not even a couple of months have gone by since we have witnessed the Galaxy S8 to get unveiled this year in April, fans have already started predicting about the next Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumor and Key Specs: Samsung has already tried experimenting on its Galaxy S6 along with Galaxy S7 when it comes to design. In Galaxy S8, we have witnessed it appearing with metal and glass combination. But with Samsung, tech enthusiasts expect beyond the limit. So as per the predictions, Samsung in its upcoming S9 will bring more curvy display so that it can be fitted perfectly in users’ palms. For serious tech gurus, it will be kind of shocking thing for Galaxy S9 to come in the market without the support of virtual reality. With S8, Samsung has flaunted a dual lens camera. But the rare camera came out to be a single lens. As per the rumors, Samsung Galaxy S9 will be sported with a dual lens camera of 21 MB rear camera along with dual tone LED flash in order to offer users a better capturing power in low light. With S9, Samsung is going to whoop 6 GB of Ram and provide fast experience for multi-tasking. Rumors also say that Galaxy S9 will be coming with a Gorilla Glass of 4 or even 5. It can also be stated that with the latest version of Gorilla Glass, Samsung will unveil its upcoming product S9.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Features

Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date: We have already witnessed Galaxy S8 have been launched in this year in the month of April. There’s only little possibility for this upcoming flagship device to get unveiled this year. Serious fans of ‘S’ series can hope this next flagship device to appear officially next year, i.e. 2018 (approximately). But for a probable Galaxy S9 release date, we need to get official announcements from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Price: There’s time for the upcoming ‘S’ series flagship to get unrolled in the market. So the probable price for this upcoming device cannot be declared now before any official announcement.

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Wrap Up: After the disaster that happened with Note 7, Samsung has already been panelized. But we don’t want that to get repeated as we have an infinite number of Samsung fans waiting out there. We just hope everything goes fine with every upcoming Samsung device. As for now, the rich ‘S’ series fans are much excited about Galaxy S9 to get unveiled next year itself. are you looking to buy Samsung galaxy s9 cases.