4 Reasons why Snaptube Edges over YouTube

There are quite a few applications now in the android market but when we talk about the legitimate ones; SnapTube is one of the top names among all android users. This application not only provides you medium to watch and stream videos online but also you can download the videos and music onto your phone.


In SnapTube, it uses many featured websites in which YouTube is one of them but there are many other from which you can download videos from URLs. In this cases scenario SnapTube gives you a more border choices of downloadable videos apart from what is only available on YouTube. It has websites like Live Leak, Vimeo, Vine, Meta tube, iG and many more. All you need to do is go though with downloading Snaptube’s APK file.

Thankfully, the new version of SnapTube is more promising than ever with advance new features for music downloading also, the audio downloading could be done with streamable videos.

SnapTube App Interesting Features

Some of the features of the SnapTube App which overlook YouTube are-

  1. Inside collection: No matter how many videos are there on YouTube may be millions are there, but with SnapTube which is one application and so many other sites to review the content, it’s huge, P.S. which also includes the video data of YouTube with it. So it would be amazing that installing only one app SnapTube from which one can stream as well as download the videos, could actually save some space by not installing YouTube on the device.
  2. Video quality: In SnapTube you could actually choose the quality of video you wanted to download on your smart phone no matter in what quality the video is but on the other side when we take a look on YouTube, whatever the quality of video is uploaded there will only be downloaded.
  3. Space: As on SnapTube you have a freedom to choose the quality of video, as if you would go with the lower quality like 360p would take less space on your device but in YouTube if the video is of 480p and would take more space so it can’t be managed there.
  4. Accessibility: when we talk about the key feature accessibility, this is the most important thing, whenever you would want to download anything from SnapTube it will automatically be saved in the selected storage option either phone or SD card, but if you download anything from YouTube, you would rather has to launch the application first in order to see those downloaded videos under sub category of offline videos.

Why don’t we take an overall look to both of the applications and compare their applicability in our devices before we reach to the final conclusion. Let’s say, for SnapTube its multitasking, saving storage data, as if you download SnapTube you won’t be needing YouTube at all, more variety of content with related keyword search and more accessible. In common terms let’s put it that, it is more efficient, easy and fast than any of the other video downloading apps available on play store.

LG G6 Release Date, Features, Rumours and Price Explained

When it comes to sleek and trendy smart phones, we all know that LG comes up with such productions that make it worth the buy. With the immense popularity of LG smart phones, LG G6 is all set to woo the buyers with its attractive features and specifications. Competing with brands like Samsung, HTC, and Apple LG G6 is known to be one of the best when it comes to trendy and durable smart phones in 2017. Apparently, with the success of its last launch of LG G4, it is quite evident that a lot is expected from this latest version.


LG G6: This latest installment of LG is rumored to have a larger display and a sleek look that guarantees durability and style. This Smartphone will include 5.6-inch display screen with a 4K display sporting a resolution of 4096 x 2160. It will have octa-core processor of 3.0 GHz. The benefit of such a fast processor will lead to increase in multi-tasking and productivity. With a 5 GB and a variety of colors to choose from this Smartphone is all set to hit the stores soon.

Key Specifications of LG G6:

  • Battery Capacity– 4200 mAh
  • Camera – Optical image stabilization plus, Dual LED, geo tagging, facial recognition, 3D front and back camera element, auto laser focus
  • Camera – Front 0 Megapixels
  • Camera – Rear 24 Megapixels
  • Colors-Black, Blue, Copper, Gold, White
  • Features-Bendable display, Corning Gorilla Glass 4, 4G LTE, Bluetooth 5.0, fingerprint scanner, retina eye scanner, wireless charging, rapid charging, waterproof, mini projector, stylus
  • Memory– 32, 64, and 128 GB internal memory and expandable to 128 GB with dual micro SD cards
  • Processor– Snapdragon Qualcomm Octa-core 3.0 GHz processor
  • Operating System– Current Android 6.0 Operating System
  • Screen Display-6” 4K display with a 4096 x 2160 screen resolution

Features of LG G6:

Some of the attractive features of LG G6 include eye sensing technology, better waterproof surround, 3D visuals. The camera of this Smartphone will include optical image stabilization plus, auto laser focus, and a wider camera lens, selfies, still-photography, and recorded video and more.

LG G6 Price

The LG G6 has made it a point to include features and specifications that would make this Smartphone worth the price charged for. The price of LG G6 is going to be around $750.

LG G6 Release Date

It is a fact that LG has previously given us some of the best smart phones with interesting features and specifications, and with the LG G6 all we can expect is apt perfection. The buyers of this Smartphone will be in for a surprise and will surely opt for pre booking this Smartphone as soon as it hits the shelf. This Smartphone is set to be released in the United States in the third week of May 2017, and with the latest updates pouring in this is going to be one of the best Smartphone in the year 2017. just check the huge list of best lg g6 case.

Top Happy New Year 2017 Greetings for All

Best Happy New Year 2017!! So what is your plan for upcoming New Year 2017?? Did you forget about it?? Hope you are not. How can someone forget about this event like New Year? We love celebration from our birthday to graduation day; we want to keep memorable every moment of our life. Hope you are not an exceptional. And for every remarkable moment greeting is the most important part. We expect greet from our loved one for every occasion as well as every celebration. Similarly our closed one is also expect the same from your side. So you should greet your relatives and friends on this New Year.

Best Ever New Year 2017 Greetings

Here is some latest greeting messages for New Year wish. If you are confused to create your own wish then these wishing example will help you. Just have a look on the Happy New year 2017 greetings, wishes and quotes. Here you can download these greetings absolutely free. So why wait?? Hurry up and grab your favourite one from the list. Pick some great New Year Images to make new year greetings more beautiful.

happy new year greetings

Hope you check the above New Year wishes and got all the information you are looking for. Your warm and hearty greeting will bring a smile on your friends and family. You can create your personal wish or you can search on internet for various wish examples. You can also share greeting on social media like facebook, G+, Snapchat, Whatsapp etc. You can change your display picture with your favourite quote or you can tag this with your friends on social media.

How To Learn & Have Fun With Magic GarageBand

With Apple’s GarageBand app, you don’t need a recording studio anymore. Although it is certainly recommended that you don’t even need to know how to play any instruments! Having a Mac and a feel for the music is more than enough to launch your own project with GarageBand. It is a proud feeling of recording your own next hit track with GarageBand, one can really start by taking the perception the song and learn how to use MIDI instruments or add digital loops to it. Take notice of the different indie publishing ‘plans’, and get ready to make the first song of your life, from an idea to it make public.


GarageBand is that tool which will make everyday computer users to create their own quality recordings and songs in a very quick and simple. All they would need is a computer with an Ethernet connectivity, Mac OS X or any of the Apple devices that has GarageBand –will definitely be the simplest way for common people to produce their own songs, yet it is simple but can’t be mastered in a day. You can even run Garageband for Windows PC and laptops too, but for that you have to use some special tricks and tweaks.

How to get started?

Setting up a new project: for starters click to the icon “new project” on the up-left corner. And I would suggest you to choose the songwriter among all the different combinations as it comes with all the basic instruments. Save it with a title and rest more options could be altered later. Click OK for the next step.

Adding tracks: From the “Songwriting” project, you will see many preset tracks like- Voice, Acoustic, Piano, Muted Bass and Drums. You have a liberty to add or remove more according to want song you would like to create.

Track controls: it gives you the ability to virtually add as many tracks as you want to, but it will be very difficult to monitor everything on your Mac. That’s why there is an option track controls, placed under track name. You can see between the options Record, Solo or Unsolo, Lock or Unlock and View or Hide Automation. If you are not sure which icon is what, just move your mouse around to see!

Eye for detail: Eventually you may require a more detailed view for better editing the track. The Track Editor’s option may not suffice the changes that needed to be done while watching the song closely or else you would need to see the song as a whole. This is where you requires GarageBand’s zoom level feature. It’s located under the Tracks pane or Track Editor Pane. Slide the marker back and forth to zoom out or to zoom in. as I have mentioned above to alter any of the settings can be done, so you may choose LCD mode from “project” to do that.

I hope by this you would get some of the idea what this application is capable of. This could be it, the one to revolutionize the whole concept of digital audio.

What is Christmas Day; All You Need To Know

Christmas is the annual festival celebrated mainly by Christians on 25th at the month of December in the major part of the world. This is originally a religious occasion as this day is the birth of holy Jesus Christ. Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God or he is the Messenger of the Supreme Power. God sent him to the earth to save the world. Christmas Day is a public holiday around the world as a mass number of people’s emotion is connected with this day.  If you are not aware of the fact that what is then Christmas I will let you know the information you need to know.

A brief History about Christmas Day

According to the Western Christian Church, the Christmas Day is placed on December 25. But the truth is the original date or month of Jesus’ birth is unknown. On the present note, most of us observed Christmas on December 25 as per Gregorian calendar. On many countries, the day before Christmas i.e. Christmas Eve has the main focus rather than 25th December. Every man has his own belief. There is a rich and mysterious folklore about the birth of Jesus. Christian people firmly believe this story. They believed that Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Jerusalem city (now in Palestine, Iraq) around two thousand years ago. His parent’s name was Joseph and Mary. Mary gave birth of her child on a horse stable as there was no room for them at that night. The phrase Christmas comes from “Cristes Maesse” which means Mass of Christ. Also Check Merry Christmas Clip art

Christmas is a festival that brings joy, bliss, fulfillment, love in people’s life. Christmas is famous for its own Christmas Carol, gospel, cake and other religious activities. On this day all devoted Christians go to the church to pray and sing the carol together. They decorate their home with holy decorated Christmas tree, string lights, flowers and mistletoes. Santa Clause is another famous character related with this festival. He travels a long way on his flying sleigh pulled by eight reindeer. He brings exciting gifts for all children according to their behaviour and put the gifts on the socks.

This Christmas is all about the mixture of myth, believes and religion and the cocktail of these things create a beautiful harmony among all. So keep aside the negative part of our life and share love and peace everywhere. If you believe in Jesus, then you should remember his is also a “Messenger of light and peace”. Enjoy the Merry Christmas 2016.

Parades List & Information of Veteran’s Day 2016

Veterans Day is known to be an official public holiday for the people in the United States of America. Veterans Day 2016 celebrated on 11th November to honor military veterans, who served in the United States Armed Forces. There are times when this day is confused with Memorial Day.

veterans day parades list

The difference between them is that Veteran Day is celebrated for the service of all U.S. military veterans, while Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who gave their lives and those who perished while in service. Initially,  this day was named Armistice Day, but later in 1954 this American holiday was named Veterans Day. on this day non-essential federal offices are closed, those federal workers who work on that day receive a holiday day apart from their own salary. Veterans Day marks the anniversary of World War I. This honorable is celebrated for all those who fought for their country .

The celebration of this honorable day is usually done by observing parades and public meetings, which usually beings at 11 am. In case, Veterans Day falls on a weekday, the Veterans Day parades and celebration is held on the weekend before or after November 11 so that public can have an active participation in the celebration. Below mentioned are the top Veterans Day 2016 Parade List.

Parades List & Information

The parade name is 19th Annual Palm Springs Veterans Day Parade, and it starts at Palm Canyon Drive between Ramon and Alejo Roads Palm Springs, CA. The parade will step off at 3:30 p.m. on Palm Canyon Drive and Ramon Road and head north on Palm Canyon Drive where it will conclude at Alejo Road.

The parade name is San Jose, CA Veterans Day Parade. The Starting Point of the parade is West Santa Clara St. at Hwy 87 Proceed south on Market Street from Santa Clara St. San Jose, CA. It will take two hours to pass.

The name of the parade is Visalia Veterans Day Parade and the Starting Point is the corner of Main at GardenVisalia, CA . The Check-in begins at 0800hrs, those who wish to participate would have to register.

The starting point of this Veterans Day Parade is the Veterans memorial Building Main Street at Freedom Blvd Watsonville, CA. The Parade is followed by an event honoring the veteran of the year and other honor and a special speech.

The Redlands Veterans Day Parade would start from 840 Citrus Street to Redlands Blvd.

Redlands, CA.The parade will start at on Citrus by Redlands High School continue to Eureka Street to State Street to Redlands Blvd. ending at Jenny Davis Park for a Veterans Celebration.

In conclusion, these are some of the Top Veterans Day 2016 Parades List, and those who would want to participate in any of these parades must register first.

National Cat Day — Wiki & Important Details

Do you know that there is a day named as National Cat Day? Cat is a very common generally domestic animal. But is there any necessary to celebrate a day on the name of this animal?? You people think that this is like insane right?  But sorry to say guys you are wrong this time. There is really a valid reason behind this Cat day. The day is not only for fun and celebration.

national cat day wiki

As we know cats and their breeds are easily available around us we do not take much care about them. Still so many people thought cat brings negative vibration so they hate this creature and behave like a criminal to them. But this is not the right thing to do. Now we are living in the age of science. We feel proud that we reached the moon. Then, why such indifference when it comes to this poor animal?

What is National Cat Day?

National Cat Day was endowed by Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Welfare Advocates Colleen Paige. National Cat Day takes place on October 29th in United States every year. The purpose of National cat day is to recognize the true fact about cats and rescue them from any kind of danger. As per National Cat Day website this day first celebrated publicly in the year of 2005. Since its establishment, it has helped save the lives of more than one million cats.

How to Celebrate Cat Day

Give your furry pet (if you have) love and hug on this day as to start of the celebration. If you don’t have a pet like this then go out and find a fuzzy overlord for yourself. These adorable pet can dominate as well as flooded you with their cuteness. You can adopt a feline from a rescue centre or shelter.

You can rescue some homeless cats and helped them to find their new home. Encourage your friends and family to adopt a homeless kitty.

Other than these you can do some crazy things with your adorable pussy like photo-shoot. Take some snap of your cats or make a video of her. You can also hire a professional photographer.

Bring her favorite food on this day. You can give some new toys or clothes to your pet.

Throw a party on your own and invite your friends with their pets or you can also join your friend’s party with your kitty.

Cats are very fond of humans and families. They loved to tie a knot with us. This is the reason we want to give them a fear free beautiful world for their own. So, Dear readers enjoy National Cat Day of this year (2016) fullest with your furry ball.

As we all know cat is really a adorable, charming, delightful, lovely piece of pet. Cats are very timid kind of animal. Though all cats are not that timid as they are hunter by nature. But they really like to live in touch with human.

Competition with a 50 million Euro Prize Money

A huge commotion and controversy has broken out as “Vote Leave” campaign launched a campaign that offers winners to take back home a jackpot of 50 million pounds. The task sounds simple, entrants have to predict the team that will win this year’s Euro. However most people are skeptical of the “scheme” and are dubbing it a con.


The Condition

Interestingly enough, this is a free to enter contest which will offer the lump sum to anyone who can predict the outcome of all 51 games correctly. The games are due in less than two weeks, so you still have enough time to brush up on your soccer stats, player stats and calculate the probabilistic outcomes before the draws begin. do not forget to check out England VS Wales Live Streaming.

The Policy

To assure people of its legitimacy, Vote Leave has taken out a policy for insuring and funding the contest. And for those who are already reaching for their calculators to calculate the probability of getting all the 51 predictions right, Vote Leave plans to give a 50,000 pound prize money to the “last man standing”. Quite literally that means the one who gets the most number of answers correct and manages to outlive the others in this competition.

Crunching a few numbers

You must already be wondering, “Why 50 million pounds?” the sum was chosen because that is exactly the amount Britain sends to Europe each day. According to Vote Leave, the country hands over 350 million pounds every week to the nations of EU. This money can get a new, technologically updated NHS hospital every week. This is quite the unique form of protest chosen by Vote Leave to represent the money squandered everyday on unelected politicians in Brussels. However UK statistics authority holds their ground by calling the numbers presented by Vote Lead as inaccurate and misleading. check the euro cup 2016 match Schedule.

What are your chances?

The steps taken by Vote Leave are quite dramatic as they go one step ahead of other competitions and urge the visitors to take part in the ongoing competition and provide a complete document of the reasons as to why a person should be taking part in this contest. In reality, the odd of winning this competition is 8 billion to 1. That is 9 whopping zeros behind the 8 people, in case you were wondering!

Why are true fans annoyed?

While most rivals are calling it a con, common people are being encouraged to gamble for their favorite teams this Euro cup 2016 live streaming. This is a major concern for the Euro authorities as the process of the competition and the outcomes have the complete ability to affect the game and the reactions of the spectators in site. With the threat of a terror attack already looming over France, more controversy and chances of disturbance is the last thing the Euro authorities want to worry about.

The latest hot tit-bits about Apple iPhone 7

According to the most recently released news from Apple, there is bad news and then there is more bad news. Firstly, Apple iPhone sales are down by 16 percent in the last quarter. Secondly Apple is taking an asinine chance by trying to reintroduce its old design which dampened the sales of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. We always knew that Apple liked to take risks, but we never thought that Apple would hit the rock bottom of innovation. On top of that Apple is emphasizing on iPhone 7 to become its flagship model which makes the move controversial as well.


Let’s start with the bad news-

We believe the prime factor which slowed down iPhone 6S sales was the lack of a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Now that it is almost time for the iPhone 7 launch, Apple is completely expected to hold its ground on the exclusion of a headphone jack. In place of a headphone jack the customers will be getting Lightning-enabled Ear Bud connectivity. Apple is also thinking of going stereo with its speakers; however the inclusion of a second speaker is still more of a rumor than a confirmed fact.

So what is the silver lining?

A very recent schematic released in Mac Fan shows the 5.5 inch phone has a body strikingly similar to its predecessors. However there are happier things which may be just enough to perk up the sales of the new iPhone and that include a new flush front surface. The conventional physical home button will be replaced by a digital touch enabled one which will remove the frontal screen segregation altogether. Other reliable sources state that Apple is about to include a second rear camera for close distance shots. Now both the camera lenses will be flat and lack the raised rims which all other models have. This will indeed make the back more flush and sleek. The new model is also meant to be a lot slimmer since the removal of a 3.5 mm jack also eliminates the limiting factor of thinness.

More and more new features in the upcoming iPhone 7

We also believe that Apple is including a Smart Connector in the new model. A Smart Connector will allow users to connect with other iPhones, keyboards and headsets. This allows active transfer of data and power at the same time. This will be quite similar to an iPad Pro experience which will enhance the Apple iPhone 7 experience altogether. In addition to the sleek features and new additions, the iPhone 7 is also assumed to be dust-proof and waterproof. The wireless charger makes it possible for all iPhone users to be on the move while charging their phones.

A tentative release date for iPhone 7

All new features and inclusions tell us that this time the wait may be a long one. We may have to wait till the end of 2016 before Apple launches iPhone 7 with iOS 10 in the USA.

Galaxy s7 vs iPhone 6s Camera

Galaxy S7 Vs iPhone 6S- Camera Comparison

Samsung’s Flagship Phone Samsung Galaxy S7 is breaking all the records for Samsung. However, Apple iPhone 6S is also not behind. Both these phones are in a race to expand its user base.Lets Compare their Camera Qualities. You will get a brief introduction on Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S Camera functionalism.

Galaxy s7 vs iPhone 6s Camera

All About Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera

Galaxy S7 has undoubtedly one of the Best Cameras comparing to the other flagship smartphones available in the market.

It has a Primary Camera of 12 Megapixel. The Front Camera or the Secondary Camera is of 5 Megapixels.

The Rear Camera or the Primary Camera has an LED (Light Emitting Diode) Flash Support which helps to Enlighten the whole picture in a dark place. The quality that its Flash provides is just Superb. However, the Fron Camera doesn’t posses a Flash Support.

The Galaxy S7 has a 0.46mm Rear Camera. It has f/1.7 Lens Aperture. It thereby helps you to capture High-Quality Images even in low light.

Samsung Galaxy S7 boasts 12 MP Camera and every pixel of it is so vivid that it will provide the consumers realistic images just as human eyes!

It also includes the Motion Panorama Technology that helps you to seamlessly clicks Panoramic pictures.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 also has Motion Photo feature that enables you to capture 3 seconds of any photo.

Apart from it, the famous Hyperlapse which is normally found in iPhones, iPads and generally Apple Devices is now included in Samsung Galaxy S7, which makes the complete exprience for a professional photographer too.

The Shaky Hands are now balanced with Video Digital Image Stabilization also known as vDis. It possesses Phase Detection and an excellent Auto Focus capability.

Other features included with Front Camera are as follows:

1. Spotlight
2. Wide Selfie
3. Selfie Flash

All About Apple iPhone 6S Camera

Apple’s Flagship Phone Apple iPhone 6S has the Best Camera till date. Apple never compromises with the Music Quality and its Camera Quality. This is one of the main reason that Apple is still in the market with such a large market capitalization.

Also Check: Apple’s Latest Patent Drops a Clue About The iPhone 7 Camera

Apple has the World’s Most Popular Camera. The Apple iPhone 6S offers a 12 Megapixel iSight Rear or Primary Camera. It uses the Advanced Pixel technology for Still Pictures.

The Famous and the most important Optical Image Stabilization that balance your shaky hands is available not only while taking still pictures but also when you take Videos.

The Video Camera offers the 4K technology. It is probably four times better than a normal HD Quality. HD Videos provides 1920 X 1080 Pixels. The 4K Technology offers 3840 X 2160 Pixels Quality.

There are built – in editing tools in iPhone’s Camera Application which includes:

1. Picture – In – Picture
2. Split Screen

The secondary camera of iPhone 6s is also known as Facetime HD Camera, which is no doubt stunning when it comes to taking Selfies. It boasts of a 5 Megapixel Front Camera. The Images quality gets enhanced with the Retina Display that provides True Tone Flash feature. We would definitely advice you to buy iPhone 6s, If you are looking for a astonishing front camera in your smartphone, Samsung will definitely try to beat Apple in this war of front camera and be the king of selfie trend with their upcoming flagship smartphone. We are already hearing some rumors about Galaxy S8 Release Date and we are definitely excited to hear the confirmed date!