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Things You Should Consider before buying the Best Gaming Laptop under $700

Ever since the gaming universe was introduced to serious tech savvies, a number of enthusiasts switched over to this world as the principal source of the global class entertainment. Various consoles have also been developed in order to offer the fast and easy accession to gaming gurus across the globe. But we do have a massive number of users who have discovered gaming laptops to be more convenient than consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, so on and so forth. But wait….

Major Points to Consider before purchasing the best gaming laptop under $700!

Are you fighting against your desires? Is your mind’s reaction crossing the video gaming laptop you wish to own in order to take the immense satisfaction of playing world class gaming installments? Walking up to the best gaming laptops isn’t that easy, is it? Believe us when we say, don’t worry. The reason is this piece of write-up where we are going to provide you 4 Things to consider before going through the purchasing process of buying the best gaming laptop under $700 in the market. Check below and make the best possible attempt in discovering the best one for you!

best gaming laptops

  • Processor– First and foremost consider the laptops that come with an Intel i7 5th Gen CPU processor. And for the least, go for the processor of Intel i5 5th Generation CPU. For AMD fans, don’t go any lower than AMD A8 or even A10 APU.
  • Hard Disk and RAM– Second most important thing is the Hard Disk & RAM. Since our core requirement is a gaming laptop, you should try going for an 8 GB of RAM alongside at least of 1 TB of hard disk. As gaming installments need quite a lot of space and we don’t want to run out on that part, don’t we?
  • Graphics Card– Third most important thing is the heart of every gaming laptop, precisely the graphics card. With best gaming laptop under $1000, you’ll be able to put your hands on Radeon R6 if you are with the AMD and Nvidia 820M or 920M  or even higher!
  • Display Resolution– Since we have just two screen option available (either 1366*768 or 1920*1080) while going for the best gaming laptops under $700 needs. For the best one, we should recommend you to buy one with a screen resolution of 1366*768. On the contrary, while putting hands on the resolution, do keep in mind to go for the Full HD (if necessary).

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The Final Words

So folks consider the points mentioned above and go for the best gaming laptop under $700 in order to improvise your talent in the field of video gaming.

Borderlands 3 release

When can We Expect Borderlands 3 to Roll Out?

Borderlands series has been one of the renowned names in the gaming industry. Both the main entries in the Borderlands franchise have made the best possible attempt in delivering best games for the Borderlands fans. Both have gone through the fetch critical and player acclaim and also traveled long in setting records in terms of sales.

Clearly, gamers have learned on thing about the Borderlands creators, Gearbox, that they have been familiar with the formula of developing massive hits one after another. Ever since Borderlands 2 was launched gamers have sat to take a look at the game, still now the framed up fame lies beneath. Nevertheless, fans want different yet another installment named Borderlands 3 which has been into the speculative world currently.

Back in the year, 2012 when Borderlands 2 was launched by Gearbox received an overwhelming year as the game turned out to be a massive success for the Borderlands universe. But two years have rolled out, and fans wait for yet another installment. After all, it is in the fans wishlist to know more about the game even after the death of Handsome Jack. It seems fans are eagerly awaiting meet their new antagonist, but little do we know what is going to happen if at all the game gets confirmed by Gearbox.

But with Randy Pitchford’s statement speculations are partially real, yet Borderlands 3 confirmed by Gearbox is not supposed to be the exact statement to be framed out here. But yes, there are chances that the game can anytime get confirmed by the developers. Until then envisions are the way in believing Borderlands 3 to be under news.

As per Borderlands 3 character, we definitely can expect a new antagonist to be rolling out with the new installment (if at all it happens). But false were Randy Pitchford, in 2016 we have been familiar with the 2016 PAX East convention where it was assured by the developers that Borderlands 3 might get confirmed after the release of Battleborn and further DLC in the queue.

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Borderlands 3 right now is quite an enigma, but with due respect to fans’ wishlist, we have the open world setting to get finally revealed with the new Borderlands 3. In terms of Borderlands 3 release date, it is clear to us that the game will definitely not get launched over some couple of years. So taking a stab for the year 2018, we head to see more news on Borderlands 3 and hope to get the official confirmation from the developers, Gearbox to confirm the game as soon as possible.

Sims 5 features

Sims 5 Wishlist Features The Fans Want To See

Sims 5 is one of the most important game to have come up in recent times. Interestingly, this new game is not yet in the news until now since the new game is not all developed. There has been a lot of speculation referring to the release date and the pricing structure of the new Sims 5 game, one of which is the best life simulation games to have hit the shelves in recent times. Most importantly, we must remember that the new game is not only the one game which many simulation game enthusiasts have been waiting for, it is also very important that the new game is of utmost importance.

To give a slight lowdown on the new game, it is essential to remember that the new game will be developed by, as always, Maxis and The Sims Studio will be published by Electronic Arts. The preceding game, which was The Sims 4, was originally announced on May 6, 2013. It was originally released in the major states of North America on September 2, 2014 for the Microsoft Windows platform. Later, however, a Mac compatible version of the same game was made available to users for digital download on February 17, 2015. The Sims 4 was, upon release, the first PC game to beat all the other games in two years.The game has received mixed reviews since its release.

Sims 5 release date

Also, this game had received mixed to negative reviews upon its release.

Sales figures have indicated that a lot of people have given up their inhibitions in recent times due in major prt to the fact that it was very sophisticated nature which gave out an indication of how good the game design really was. The game has the same concept as its predecessor, which was the equally popular The Sims 3.

The concept of the game is rather simple, although it does take some time to get used to. Players can control their Sims via thoroughly different activities and can also form complicated relationships. The game lacks a defined final goal as the gameplay is totally nonlinear in nature, again similar to the previous games. There will also be familiar options which have proved popular, two of which are Create-a-Sim and Build Mode

Some tools have been observed to have been redesigned as well. This game will also have a fair share of real-life annd real-time inputs as well. The most interesting way to build a better game is to develop on what has clicked previously as well. This has never been so evident as the previous editions of the Sims franchise, of which the most important game in this present scenario is the Sims 4, which was sold at record sales volumes and which has ben given a very warm goodbye as the Sims fans have realised that not only is the new Sims 5 game gong to be as popular as the predecessors, it will possibly have enough staying power to beat the rivals at their own games. Interestingly, no release date has yet been set for the new game.


steps to download Playbox HD

PlayBox: check out the steps to download the app for Android devices

Generations had passed by since the day when technology was nothing but a myth. We are now in the 21st century, the century of revolution for technology. We live in an era where smartphones have become our coolest best friend. With revolutions of smartphones comes evolution of different video streaming apps. Recently, these kinds of apps are massively popular because of the advancement in the field of technology. Certainly, there are various video streaming apps, but out of all, the first name comes to our mind is PlayBox HD app.

PlayBox is one good app which is excellent in the streaming of movie and video as well! PlayBox lets the users be able to watch TV shows, movies as well as cartoons according to their preferences.  Everything is just sorted when it comes to searching for any video, television shows or movie. PlayBox offers a user-friendly interface. What is more exciting is that this app supports the Google Chromecast, unlike any other random video streaming app. Mentioned below is a list of steps by which the Android users can easily download the PlayBox app from the internet. Read on for more info:

how to download playbox app

  1. STEP 1: First, users must download PlayBox Apk file from the link that you will get on the Android smartphones. Users, you must know that the latest version of PlayBox Apk file is really easy to download.
  2. STEP 2: We know that this app is a third party application. This app is not registered on Google Play Store. Users, you should follow this very carefully. As this is a third-party app, you need the app to be downloaded by granting the access to the unknown sources in order to allow the installation process. Users, you need to give a green signal; thereby you must go to ‘Settings’ from the respective Android devices, tap on ‘Security.’ You will be getting the option of ‘Unknown Sources.’ Allow the permission for downloading the apk file of PlayBox.
  3. STEP 3: After allowing the permission, now go to the file manager of your handset. There, search for the PlayBox apk file that you have recently downloaded
  4. STEP 4: After searching is completed, install the file on the Android device accordingly. Now you need to click on the apk file which will ask to grant the permission. Be careful and grant everything for carrying the steps forward in order to install the PlayBox app on your Android devices.
  5. STEP 5: Now comes the final step! After allowing everything, PlayBox app is successfully installed. The app can be found on your main menu itself. Enjoy watching your favorite video, movies or even cartoons!

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Undoubtedly, Playbox app is brilliantly useful in watching TV shows, movies, cartoons or even your favorite video. But we cannot deny of its imperfections. Perhaps, imperfection is what makes something more attractive. But before downloading PlayBox, one must know its negative impact as well! This kind of app can bring virus and malware; thereby harming the devices. So users before downloading PlayBox app, make sure you know the best of it!


Steps to download Cartoon HD apk file on your PC

Cartoon HD: Now that development is fast-paced, we have tried to become a part of the digitalization. With hi-tech development, there arrived smartphones, and with smartphones, we get to witness some brilliant, smart apps. But these smart apps have somewhere offered us the best of possibilities that they could, and we, in this 21st century get to witness amazing apps in the field of video streaming.

When Cartoon HD is concerned, we are somewhere dragged into the advantages that it offers. This app provides free access for users to watch full-length feature films along with various cartoons. Originally this iOS app was available for Apple users for free in the App Store. But soon, the app got removed by Apple, because Cartoon HD was providing users with some illegal copyrighted contents. But due to an infinite number of fans, all data was restored into a website and still now it has been successful in running. Cartoon HD offers its age-old users a safer browser to access all its collections.

how to install Cartoon HD on PC

Cartoon HD System Requirements (For PC): Often users search the hell out of contents on the system requirement of an individual app. But here with us, you will get exactly what you want. So here’s providing you the system requirement of the Cartoon HD app. Read on and follow the bullet points carefully.

  • Any of the Windows or Mac- Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or Mac OS X
  • A proper and fast internet connection on your device is a necessity.
  • RAM of 4 GB; 5 GB Free Storage in the C Drive of the file of Android Emulator; along with the Cartoon HD Apk file.
  • Graphics Card- 1 GB (up to date).

Cartoon HD: How to download Cartoon HD apk file on your PC?

STEP 1: In your system download the apk file of Cartoon HD and save the file in a folder according to your preference.

STEP 2: Now that you have successfully downloaded the apk file of cartoon HD, you need to download the BlueStacks Android emulator that is provided on their official site.

NOTE: We are using BlueStacks; the reason behind is that it is the finest Android emulator that is offered in the market.

STEP 3: After you finish downloading the Android emulator, you must install it on your PC carefully for it to run on your respective systems.

STEP 4: Now that you have installed the emulator, carefully go to the folder where you have saved the Cartoon HD apk file. Then you must right click on file; thereby selecting ‘open with’ option and safely open it with BlueStacks.

STEP 5: You will witness that the apk file of Cartoon HD has been installed in the BlueStacks. After it is done, now you can use the app anytime you want to. Congratulations!

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Wrap Up: With Cartoon HD you can enjoy watching your favorite TV shows along with infinite numbers of cartoons too. So enjoy the best video streaming service.


Samsung Galaxy S9: Check what’s new about this upcoming device?

Samsung Galaxy S9: The hi-tech world has given us the immense opportunity in the field of development. And standing in the 21st century, we can get almost everything by the help of technology. There have been many a brand producing different smartphones, but some brands know how to excite users by their upcoming flagships. Samsung has always been one of the stalwarts in manufacturing latest and finest smartphones. This South-Korean based company has successfully produced many developed flagships. Not even a couple of months have gone by since we have witnessed the Galaxy S8 to get unveiled this year in April, fans have already started predicting about the next Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumor and Key Specs: Samsung has already tried experimenting on its Galaxy S6 along with Galaxy S7 when it comes to design. In Galaxy S8, we have witnessed it appearing with metal and glass combination. But with Samsung, tech enthusiasts expect beyond the limit. So as per the predictions, Samsung in its upcoming S9 will bring more curvy display so that it can be fitted perfectly in users’ palms. For serious tech gurus, it will be kind of shocking thing for Galaxy S9 to come in the market without the support of virtual reality. With S8, Samsung has flaunted a dual lens camera. But the rare camera came out to be a single lens. As per the rumors, Samsung Galaxy S9 will be sported with a dual lens camera of 21 MB rear camera along with dual tone LED flash in order to offer users a better capturing power in low light. With S9, Samsung is going to whoop 6 GB of Ram and provide fast experience for multi-tasking. Rumors also say that Galaxy S9 will be coming with a Gorilla Glass of 4 or even 5. It can also be stated that with the latest version of Gorilla Glass, Samsung will unveil its upcoming product S9.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Features

Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date: We have already witnessed Galaxy S8 have been launched in this year in the month of April. There’s only little possibility for this upcoming flagship device to get unveiled this year. Serious fans of ‘S’ series can hope this next flagship device to appear officially next year, i.e. 2018 (approximately). But for a probable Galaxy S9 release date, we need to get official announcements from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Price: There’s time for the upcoming ‘S’ series flagship to get unrolled in the market. So the probable price for this upcoming device cannot be declared now before any official announcement.

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Wrap Up: After the disaster that happened with Note 7, Samsung has already been panelized. But we don’t want that to get repeated as we have an infinite number of Samsung fans waiting out there. We just hope everything goes fine with every upcoming Samsung device. As for now, the rich ‘S’ series fans are much excited about Galaxy S9 to get unveiled next year itself.

LG V30 is expected to come with 8GB RAM and 21 MP Rear Camera

The LG smartphones have always made us drooling because of the innovation and the uniqueness the Korean company put in their handsets. In fact, LG is the only notable smartphone making company which still comes with a removable battery in their flagship devices. The last flagship device of the company LG G5 made much hype before its grand release last year for the modular design but it disappointed big time. Instead, another high end device of the same Korean company, the LG V20 got much acclaim from the world wide tech lovers  due to the gigantic display size, 4GB RAM and the dual-lens camera setup. LG launched LG V20 in September last year, and the fans are expecting they will going to release the next iteration of this smartphone lineup, the LG V30 in the same time frame this year. So before the LG V30 release date is officially revealed, know the probable key features and specs of this upcoming wonder device.

LG V30 expected to come with 8GB RAM

LG V30 Features


The previous two installments, the LG V10 and V20 sports a secondary display and it is one of the highlighting features of these devices. But as per the recent reports, this time, the Korean tech conglomerate is going to ditch the secondary display option. But when it comes to the display size, LG is going to retain the same screen size for LG V30 too, although the resolution will be upgraded. So we are expecting the LG V30 to flaunt a 5.7-inch screen with 2K display and 83% body-to-screen ratio. The screen will be protected by the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 5 which ensures protection from scratch and sudden drop.

Memory and Processor

All the leading smartphone making companies are busy in incorporating the latest 10nm processor in their smartphones. LG is also trying to include the same in the upcoming LG V30. So we can expect that the LG V30 smartphone will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 836 chipset which is designed by the 10nm finfet technology. The biggest advantage of this 2.2 GHz 10nm octa-core processor is it improves the battery life as well as increases the phone’s performance subsequently.

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The LG V30 is expected to be launched in two variants depending on the RAM and the internal storage of the phone. The premium version will include 8GB of RAM and 64 GB internal storage option while the basic model will come with 6GB RAM and 32GB phone memory. Although, the users of both the models can notch up the storage capacity up to 256GB via microSD card.


Just like the display size, it is believed the camera front will also be remained unchanged in the upcoming LG V30. So just like V20, the upcoming iteration is also going to sport the same dual-lens camera setup. However, the quality of both the lenses is going to be improved this time. As per the recent news, Sony will design both the dual lenses, and one will be of 21-megapixel and the other one will be of 8-megapixel. All the necessary features a high-end smartphone camera should have, like OIS, dual LED flash and autofocus will be included in the v30 too.

sharing files between smartphone and pc is now easy

File Transferring from Smartphone to Desktop becomes Easy through Shareit

When we did not actually have the slightest of idea of what file transferring is we wondered how to send the pictures or other folders to another gadget from our own. And then came the Bluetooth which happens to be an inbuilt platform which is there in every smartphone and also in laptops. It actually helped all of us to transfer folders, pictures and also other things from our respected devices to the others. Therefore, Bluetooth during those days was used by every single one of us. But things slowly started taking a different path where more of such applications came in and we kept getting overawed by them. And then the ultimate one took the front seat away which happens to be the Shareit application.

Shareit app has deluge of pros which are appreciated by the mass users and they are certainly fond of the facilities delivered by the great platform. You may actually have realized that sending huge flies via the traditional Bluetooth is actually not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and provides hindrance while sending those files. The speed becomes extremely slow and starts annoying the one who tries to send the big files through Bluetooth. People were looking out for an alternative of the inbuilt app since long and they finally found one favorable such app which was Shareit.

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Shareit is certainly not an inbuilt app but it delivers way advanced and also great features than the inbuilt platform called Bluetooth. Shareit can be installed on almost all kind of devices be it on windows, android or even iOS or Blackberry. Therefore it certainly compatible or suitable with the devices equipped with Android and of course the other OS which are there in the market.

File transferring is really easy with shareit

However, speed is certainly the main part about the application, Shareit. It is super fast, lightning and highly commendable and phenomenal. Therefore, whenever, you would try and send across even a humongous folder the speed limit during that time won’t get altered at all. It means that the speed will certainly remain phenomenal and first-rate.

And this is of course one of the greatest reasons why people just love using the application called Shareit. They do not find any hindrance or obstacle during sending across folders or pictures or songs.

Shareit has been actually making life and file sharing convenient since it has been developed. And even transferring something from your smartphone to the desktops is also highly easy when done through Shareit. It is convenient and is quite easy due to which people also keep suggesting the app to the other people. For example if someone asks them to suggest them some good file sending apps, the ones who have used Shareit would obviously suggest them the platform.

And even they would love using the platform right after they get accustomed and introduced to Shareit. Therefore, Shareit is actually highly suitable for all those people who end up sharing files almost every day.

here is the download link for SHAREit APK file.

Importance of iPhone 8 to Apple

Apple iPhone 8-The importance of the device for Apple

This year marks ten years since the first Apple iPhone came into existence. Naturally, fans and tech enthusiasts are very excited about what the new device will and will not contain. There has been rumors and news in the headlines which, of late, have propelled the new device to the top of the charts. While this may be true of the Samsung Galaxy S8 as well, remember that the Galaxy S8 has already been released. The Apple iPhone 8 is yet to come in the open, and it is important to note that the new phone’s manufacturers, Apple, still has some time to go before it has to make its product public. This means that Apple still has to learn its lessons.

Apple has always had its hands full as far as the Apple iPhone was concerned. We all know that despite the advancements in the telecommunications sector and OEM technology, many users still depend on the comparatively more expensive iPhone to work their ways through their daily lives. These factors mean that Apple iPhone 8 is not only one of the most widely anticipated devices of late, it is also one of the most widely established. We all know that Apple’s fanbase is not one to be shied away so easily which also means that the Apple iPhone 8 will be a work of art.

If the latest news and rumors are to be believed, it must be mentioned that the new iPhone 8 will be the one phone to beat all the other phones. This specific feeling is brought more to life as the Lord of the Rings movie franchise plays out before my eyes. Verily, this shall be a combination of beauty, form, and functionality, which will determine how much the new phone is successful. However, one must also be aware that the new iPhone 8 will release several months after the advent of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and this might be its greatest success as well as its greatest failure.

Some of the design elements that are expected to feature on the iPhone 8 is the larger screen-to-body ratio which will rule the roost as far as the screen is concerned. This factor alone will ensure that the new phone has a better design when compared to its competitors.  One of the ost important things you remember is the fact that despite the best efforts of all the companies, the US-based manufacturer is still the one manufacturer to beat. One of the most important things to realize is the fact that even when Apple’s devices are the most expensive, they are also some of the most used as well as abused.

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The Apple iPhone 8 is also the most impressive phones to have hit the coasts of the world. While the new iPhone 8 will be very important in the long run for the Cupertino-based giant, it is also said to be the one phone which will live up to be the competitor that is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. These two devices will clash very soon.

download snaptube on android devices

How to Download SnapTube on Android handset

Technology has gifted us many things over the last decade, but the most prolific one is the evolution of the smartphones. Smartphones have come across a long way, and now has become an integral part of our life. Now e can’t think a day without the tiny gadget. The smartphones have made our lives easier, and smarter. Nowadays, whenever we look for something, we open our smartphone and search through the application installed in it. There are applications for everything, you just name it. Want to learn a new language? You will get applications for that. Want to date someone? There are hundreds of dating applications available in the market. Even there are streaming applications too, which have changed our TV and movies watching habits completely.

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So when we are talking about the video streaming applications, we can’t simply ignore SnapTube, as it is one of the most downloaded video streaming applications of the recent time. And the reason why it is so much successful, is the awesome features the application offers to its users. SnapTube takes a very little space in your handset and the videos available in the application come absolutely free of cost.  All the TV shows, videos and cartoons are categorized as per their genres and available in various resolutions. Another major advantage of using SnapTube is you don’t have to deal with some annoying, pesky ads while watching your favorite TV show or movie. The user-interface of the video streaming application is very simple and easy-to-understand too. SnapTube allows its users to search the videos easily and recommend videos as per the previous searching history. Not only that, you can download your desired contents from the SnapTube application hitting just one button and no matter what the size of the file is, the application provides an impeccable download speed to its users. Moreover, SnapTube allows its users to download MP3 files from YouTube, which many streaming applications can’t even think off.

So, after reading all these stunning features, you must be raring to download SnapTube on your Android handset. But the problem is you won’t find this video streaming application on the Google Play Store. The reason behind is, Google does not allow any streaming application to get registered on the Play Store as it goes against the rules and regulations of the company. So to download SnapTube on Android devices, you need to download the SnapTube apk file first. Check out the steps below:

Step 1: First download the SnapTube apk file from the internet.

Step 2: Now, as you have downloaded the SnapTube apk file from an external source, you need to give your smartphone the permission to install apps from the third party sources. So, go to the Settings of your phone, tap on the Security option and turn on the Unknown Sources option.

Step 3: After that, go back to the file manager and click on the SnapTube apk file.

Step 4: Finally, the apk file will ask for your permission. Click ok to complete the installation process.