National Cat Day — Wiki & Important Details

Do you know that there is a day named as National Cat Day? Cat is a very common generally domestic animal. But is there any necessary to celebrate a day on the name of this animal?? You people think that this is like insane right?  But sorry to say guys you are wrong this time. There is really a valid reason behind this Cat day. The day is not only for fun and celebration.

national cat day wiki

As we know cats and their breeds are easily available around us we do not take much care about them. Still so many people thought cat brings negative vibration so they hate this creature and behave like a criminal to them. But this is not the right thing to do. Now we are living in the age of science. We feel proud that we reached the moon. Then, why such indifference when it comes to this poor animal?

What is National Cat Day?

National Cat Day was endowed by Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Welfare Advocates Colleen Paige. National Cat Day takes place on October 29th in United States every year. The purpose of National cat day is to recognize the true fact about cats and rescue them from any kind of danger. As per National Cat Day website this day first celebrated publicly in the year of 2005. Since its establishment, it has helped save the lives of more than one million cats.

How to Celebrate Cat Day

Give your furry pet (if you have) love and hug on this day as to start of the celebration. If you don’t have a pet like this then go out and find a fuzzy overlord for yourself. These adorable pet can dominate as well as flooded you with their cuteness. You can adopt a feline from a rescue centre or shelter.

You can rescue some homeless cats and helped them to find their new home. Encourage your friends and family to adopt a homeless kitty.

Other than these you can do some crazy things with your adorable pussy like photo-shoot. Take some snap of your cats or make a video of her. You can also hire a professional photographer.

Bring her favorite food on this day. You can give some new toys or clothes to your pet.

Throw a party on your own and invite your friends with their pets or you can also join your friend’s party with your kitty.

Cats are very fond of humans and families. They loved to tie a knot with us. This is the reason we want to give them a fear free beautiful world for their own. So, Dear readers enjoy National Cat Day of this year (2016) fullest with your furry ball.

As we all know cat is really a adorable, charming, delightful, lovely piece of pet. Cats are very timid kind of animal. Though all cats are not that timid as they are hunter by nature. But they really like to live in touch with human.