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3 Best Sleeping Bag Liners to Ensure a Safe and Comfortable Trek Next Time Around

With great trekking comes great responsibilities. A trek or a hike along the road less taken is often defined by the type and the quality of the equipment being used. One important part of the equipment being used is a sleeping bag. All sleeping bags have liners which have been added to ensure that the cold from the outside does not enter the tent’s inside. With this in mind, we now look at the 3 best sleeping bag liners which money can currently buy.

3 Best Sleeping Bag Liners: What Are The Criteria Considered?

There are some criteria that must be fulfilled before we add to this list of the 3 best sleeping bag liners. Such clever contraptions need to fulfill certain criteria. For instance, Depending on these criteria, such purchases must be made. First and foremost, the user must be able to identify where he/she/they will pitch their tents. In case you are tenting in a forest, a sleeping bag liner coated with an insect repellant is also available. You must also take a long hard look at the material of the bag.

The sleeping bag liner also relies on the size and shape of the sleeping bag itself. Some of the best such liners come in a variety of sizes and shapes so you will not have to worry too much.

3 Best Sleeping Bag Liners: Our Top List

These are the only sleeping bag liners that you should look out for.

  • Cocoon Expedition Liner: The rather aptly named liner comes in silk, which, as we know, can last for several years without any perceivable distortion. This eminently breathable and fashionable bag liner also has the ability to raise the core body temperature by 5 degrees. Also, the expedition liner is ideal for high-altitude hiking.
  • Sea to Summit Reactor Extreme Thermolite Liner: This is easily one of the best Thermolite-based sleeping bag liners. While it might not be considered to be a lightweight, it is certainly one of the best liners. However, it is not meant for warmer climes.
  • ALPS Mountaineering MicroFiber Mummy Sleeping Bag Liner: This is rather aptly named too. We liked the microfibre construction which makes for a breathable condition. It is also easily washable. However, it can be quite a weight once at a certain altitude.

Wrap up

Hopefully, we will continue to add to this list of the 3 best sleeping bag liners. Meanwhile, you can always bookmark us if you like and appreciate what you just read here.

Is Fast & Furious 8 to end the Dom-Letty love story?

Fast & Furious has reached its 8th movie, and with every film, the franchise has tried something new and interesting to hold the interest of the audience. Directed by F. Gary Gray and written by Chris Morgan the film was first announced in March 2015. Now as this time the pressure of making the film engrossing for the audience was a bit difficult, as the absence of Paul Walker was deeply felt, the makers had to go beyond ‘just’ a stylized action flick. This time the plot is more twisted, and the characters are shown in different shades. As per the speculation goes, it gives a hint that Fast & Furious 8 will be the end of Dom-Letty love story. Since the first series, the couple was there for each other in their every thick and thin, though their relation has gone through difficulties.

But the fact is that Fast & Furious series is not about Dom and Letty. It is about a team, their problems and the process of overcoming it while keeping the friendship intact. The makers are trying to give the plot a new twist, and there is a possibility that at the end of the Fast & Furious 8, the couple may part.

Diesel stated “With Furious 7, our focus was to not only make the best film in the saga but to honor what it has represented for almost two decades. The key to this next chapter is to challenge those core themes that have endured, and to do it in a way that is compelling but still entertaining.”

In the upcoming movie too, the director F. Gary Gray has tried something different. He said “Dom Toretto is always about family, and with this storyline, it’s the absolute opposite of what you expect,”

Michelle Rodriguez’s character Letty has always been the lifeline of the series, and For Fast & Furious fans it always starts and ends with the Dom-Letty love story. Straight-shooting Letty Ortiz is the highlight of the film, though the couple’s relationship has always been portrayed as grounded and real as possible, to give it the subtlety. The girl is shown as a strong enough, but “A woman’s most powerful gift is love,” and there lies the strength of the character. While she was supposed to be dead in the fourth installment of the franchise, her absence was deeply felt and in the fifth came the slightest possible that she is somewhere and not dead and tin the next series she was there in her full glory.

So the fans may ask is it necessary to show her dethatched from her love and family? The answer is, ‘Maybe’. Because, The Fast and Furious is all about cumulative struggle and win and not a story of one or two. So this time too, the director makes it sure that the focus don’t go on any individual and the plot revolves with its own essence.


Kik Login Online

Top 5 Advantages of KIK Login Online

Kik messenger has got enormous hype among the youngsters in recent days. Kik has some really intuitive features and many of those made this app standalone from the others. Using Kik you can chat and can send pics, location, contacts and videos as well to your buddies. Like all the Android apps, using a simple emulator you can run it on PC. Let’s check out the advantages of KIK Login Online.

Kik Login Online

Advantages of Kik Login Online

No app downloading: First of all we need a smartphone to get in touch with all these apps to use but if you can use any app online you simply can ditch your mobile phone. It can save the storage space of you phone as well. Poor net connection makes downloading any app very tough especially in remote places. After all everyone wants to pick some kick out from the Kik messenger.

Chat While Working: When you have a chat screen open next to your working tab, you can easily switch to the chat screen and reply to any important conversation while keeping your task alive and going on. You don’t need to look up on the mobile screen. So, be detached from your irritating mobile notifications and jerk off all the worries of getting noticed if you are online or not.

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Keep yourself limited: If you want to keep yourself limited for a certain time frame, then online Kik login is the best because when you turn off the laptop it will disappear and you will log out the chat automatically. It will not flash on your mobile screen further. It keeps your privacy and peace both intact.

Easy Process to be logged-in: Online log in to the Kik app is the easiest way to be logged in because it does not need any app download and no memory usage worry and even you can logged in whenever you want, it will not show any pop up until you log into it through your PC. It’s the easiest process to be logged into your Kik account.

Chat while your phone if off: Another interesting part of log into your Kik messenger app through Kik messenger for PC is it does not require your mobile to be on hence you can simply turn off your mobile and start chatting, if your mobile does not have enough charge, then also you can continue chatting and ending pics and video without any tension of getting chained by the mobile.

These are the real advantages of Kik login online and move yourself into the Kik online interface and get these all advantages out of it.