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Are Unmanned Drones A Real Boon To Humankind?

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or commonly known as Drones is a kind of aircraft without a human pilot. Drones find their use in several areas like surveillance, product deliveries, recreational and so on. Drones were mainly invented for military operations where unmanned vehicles were preferred to attack the enemy territories. Its invention dates back to 1849 and was used in World War 1 too. Along with the development in the technology Drones also evolved and now civilian Drones outnumber the military Drones and they are a significant discovery in various fields. In this article let us look at the benefits of Unmanned Drones in various fields.


  • Life Savers

The major usage of Drone is in the military and one of its main advantages is that it saves human life as there is no need for a military person to be involved in the combat. The drone can be operated from the base and it can be flown over the enemy territory for surveillance or to attack. They can reach humanly impossible areas and this feature helps a lot during natural disasters to assess the physical and material damage.

  • Accuracy

Drones mainly being machines have an amazing accuracy which helps in pinpointing the target without causing damage to other civil properties or lives.

  • Helps Agriculture

Drones can be used in agriculture to fertilize or water crops and they also monitor the health of crops thus reducing the human effort and time.

  • Delivering products

Drones are considered to be the perfect product delivery means by Amazon president and the brainchild is still developing. Following Amazon many can prefer drones in the product delivery area which minimizes human effort and also ensures accuracy and speed in delivery and return process.

  • Hobby

Drones can be an interesting hobby for those who interested in aeronautical science. Attaching a camera to the drone can capture some breathtaking scenes and can be viewed in your phone. The battery time of the drone will be the main limitation for hobbyists.

  • Operational Time

Drones are better than humans in military combat and in spying missions as they can endure for a longer time than humans. No human breaks are required and can be reliable the entire time the drone is activated.

  • Spying

One major advantage of drone is that they can be used in spying missions in military. They are also used in geographical surveys as measuring a huge area is easily achievable with a drone.

  • Journalism

Journalists use drones in news gathering especially in human inaccessible areas. When there are natural disasters like typhoons, floods, earthquakes a drone can be used to gather news on the damage.

Thus drones have a lot of advantages in numerous fields. No scientific invention goes without negative effects and drones are not exempted from the fact. Drones are claimed to be invading the privacy of civilians since its invention. The privacy issue becomes a hyper topic when the military is involved. Apart from the discrepancies Drones are indeed a powerful invention. we make a list of best drones for sale this year.

The latest hot tit-bits about Apple iPhone 7

According to the most recently released news from Apple, there is bad news and then there is more bad news. Firstly, Apple iPhone sales are down by 16 percent in the last quarter. Secondly Apple is taking an asinine chance by trying to reintroduce its old design which dampened the sales of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. We always knew that Apple liked to take risks, but we never thought that Apple would hit the rock bottom of innovation. On top of that Apple is emphasizing on iPhone 7 to become its flagship model which makes the move controversial as well.


Let’s start with the bad news-

We believe the prime factor which slowed down iPhone 6S sales was the lack of a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Now that it is almost time for the iPhone 7 launch, Apple is completely expected to hold its ground on the exclusion of a headphone jack. In place of a headphone jack the customers will be getting Lightning-enabled Ear Bud connectivity. Apple is also thinking of going stereo with its speakers; however the inclusion of a second speaker is still more of a rumor than a confirmed fact.

So what is the silver lining?

A very recent schematic released in Mac Fan shows the 5.5 inch phone has a body strikingly similar to its predecessors. However there are happier things which may be just enough to perk up the sales of the new iPhone and that include a new flush front surface. The conventional physical home button will be replaced by a digital touch enabled one which will remove the frontal screen segregation altogether. Other reliable sources state that Apple is about to include a second rear camera for close distance shots. Now both the camera lenses will be flat and lack the raised rims which all other models have. This will indeed make the back more flush and sleek. The new model is also meant to be a lot slimmer since the removal of a 3.5 mm jack also eliminates the limiting factor of thinness.

More and more new features in the upcoming iPhone 7

We also believe that Apple is including a Smart Connector in the new model. A Smart Connector will allow users to connect with other iPhones, keyboards and headsets. This allows active transfer of data and power at the same time. This will be quite similar to an iPad Pro experience which will enhance the Apple iPhone 7 experience altogether. In addition to the sleek features and new additions, the iPhone 7 is also assumed to be dust-proof and waterproof. The wireless charger makes it possible for all iPhone users to be on the move while charging their phones.

A tentative release date for iPhone 7

All new features and inclusions tell us that this time the wait may be a long one. We may have to wait till the end of 2016 before Apple launches iPhone 7 with iOS 10 in the USA.

iPhone 7 Camera Rumors

Apple’s Latest Patent Drops a Clue About The iPhone 7 Camera

Cupertino based company Apple is planning for the futuristic camera in iPhone 7 which will further reduce the picture quality between your iPhone and professional DSLR’s. But, every new innovation has to make its way through US patent office which has given birth to rumors about new camera.

iPhone 7 Camera Rumors
The patent of a telephoto camera with the mention of dual lens means a better picture quality. A telephoto lens achieves a broader focus with a physically shorter lens so the camera bump on your iPhone could be a talk of the past. The patent applied by apple shows that how a lowercase ‘r’ shape lens could be used to enhance more lens technology in a smaller space. Dual lens cameras offer useful background blur effect along with better resolution and zoom capabilities. Such a system is rumored from a long time in iPhone and tis patent has made the topic more steamed up.

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Until we get to know the official features of iPhone 7 on its launch date, first the rumors and now this US filed patent has definitely suggested that this camera feature would be one of the best awaited features in iPhone 7. The patent which is rather unimaginatively titled as “folded telephoto camera lens system” describes a method of forming a telephoto lens almost reminiscent of an old-fashioned periscope where light is channeled through the primary lens, falls and bounced off of a mirror, and redirected to the secondary lens which focuses it on the image sensor.

The tiny increments will achieve telephoto results. By putting two camera modules behind a single lens, iPhone 7 will have the ability to switch between enable optical zoom functionality & focal lengths. Simply said, you will be able to take zoomed-in photos of greater quality. Other supposed usages include filming video at regular speed and slow-mo simultaneously inmultiple resolution which means the phone will be able to take a zoomed-in shot and a wide shot at the same time. You could take high-resolution stills while shooting video.

The patent also indicates that Apple is supposedly working on editing software that takes advantage of these new capabilities by combining the various photos and videos, to create a mass engaging media experience.

With the rumors in market and Apple’s emphasis on the iPhone camera with the fact that the camera team consists of 800 engineers, it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see the dual-camera feature appear in the highly awaited iPhone 7. As we are already hearing some rumors regarding iPhone 8, we can assume that iPhone 7 release date is near and we really can’t wait for it.

Apple was considering moving future iPhones to such dual-camera setups have prolonged for years, but they have really picked up attention of public with the so-called “iPhone 7”. It is also in talks that this might be included as an option where user will be free to choose between normal lens and dual lens when taking photos.

Apple credits Romeo I. Mercado with the invention of U.S. Patent No. 9,316,810.