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WWE 2K18 Release Date Set In October — Check All The Details

After receiving poor criticisms from critics and fans alike from WWE 2K17, game enthusiasts across the globe are looking forward to the release of WWE 2K18. As per industry rumors, the WWE 2K18 release date has been set at October 17. Speculations of the game witnessing a ‘substantial change’ to the series with the release of the latest edition are also doing rounds over the internet.

WWE 2K18 will release on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Microsoft Windows. One of the historic turning points in the game series is that it will release on PlaysStation 3 for the very first time in the history of the game series. Although, one thing to be noted is that since the game would now demand an 8GB for effortless execution, therefore minor changes might be seen in the PC edition.

WWE 2K18

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This version of the game will also feature the basic elements of professional wrestling set against a virtual setting. WWE 2K18 is the eighteenth game in the series. One key point that fans are longing for is that they want the games to feature as many match types as possible and more and more matches should be added instead of getting stripped away.

Professional wrestling video game franchise WWE 2K was developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports in 2000, the first release being called WWF SmackDown. Over the years, it has been run on platforms like PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS, iOS, Android, Mobile and PlayStation Portable.

The series has been listed among the best-selling video game franchises in the world with more than 60 million copies shipped.

The most recent edition, WWE 2K17, was released on October 24, 2016. The various versions of the game in chronological order are WWF SmackDown (1st edition), WWF SmackDown 2: Know Your Role (2nd edition), WWF SmackDown: Just Bring It (3rd edition), WWE SmackDown: Shut Your Mouth (4th edition), WWE SmackDown: Here Comes The Pain (5th edition), WWE SmackDown VS Raw (6th edition), WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2006 (7th edition), WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2007 (8th edition), WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2008 (9th edition), WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2009 (9th edition), WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2010 (10th edition), WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2011 (11th edition), WWE ’12 (12th edition), WWE ’13 (13th edition), WWE 2K14 (14th edition), WWE 2K15 (15th edition), WWE 2K16 (16th edition), WWE 2K17 (17th edition) and WWE 2K18 (18th edition).

The series is based on WWE and features match types, narration and characters based on WWE programming. It was initially called WWF and then subsequently changed to WWE.

Usually the release date of each version is announced a month before its release. The distributor of each country is also notified about the development and the same is expected from this year’s release.

Annual update feel to WWE games makes a complete overhaul difficult indeed, but it is something that 2K should be thinking about.

Throughout its history, the game series has gone through a number of changes since its first release. The initial versions of the game included simpler mechanics while the recent versions have adopted changes, which have brought it much closer to its real life counterpart.

Although it is still unknown what all changes the developers are planning to introduce in the game, but as they have had almost a year to think about it since the last version’s release, the expectations of fans are soaring high.

Rockstar Games rumored to announce GTA VI in mid June, may make some of the biggest improvements!

Today’s world is all about smartphones and its games. Manufacturers are making smartphones with 4 or 6 GB of RAM to ensure that the hardcore gamers don’t face any lag or trouble playing the games but to be honest, playing on a big screen is way better than playing the games on a 40 inch screen or so. Well, as we have got to the consoles, one of the most played games in years is the GTA Series by Rockstar Games. Rockstar games came up with the GTA I or Grand Theft Auto I in 90s and it dint work that well. The breakthrough that the company needed was given to them in the form of GTA Vice City which had pretty good graphics and it wasn’t too hard to play. But, this still wasn’t the game that would blow every gamers mind. In the year 2004, Rockstar Games launched San Andreas which was one of the best games that we have ever played in recent times and it still is one of the most enjoyed games. The company also launched GTA III, GTA IV and GTA V, which became the best sellers of their time as well. But, now the time is up and Rockstar Games are planning to make a new announcement, supposedly for GTA VI.


Deviant, who is the parent company of Rockstar Games hinted on a recent launch from the stable. However, it is not clear whether the company will go on launching the next installment of the GTA Series or not. But, it is time for the GTA 6 to arrive and Rockstar games have made few changes this time so let’s have a look at them.

  1. Female & Male Characters

Rockstar games know that they have a lot of female fan following as well so that is why they have decided to include a bad-ass female character in their story line. Now, users will have an option of playing as the male or female character. This would mean that they are aiming even higher record breaking sales this time as they hit both the demographics.

  1. VR Support

VR or Virtual Reality is the future and Rockstar games know it very well and that is why they have made it possible to play the GTA VI on our beloved VR sets. Though it would be possible to play this game on VR set only after the launch of Playstation 5 or XBox Two. But whenever they launch, VR portability to the GTA VI will make it one of the best games to play.

  1. Real Time International maps

The only complain from the GTA series was its duplicate maps. Earlier, Rockstar games have tried to incorporate various monuments in its games but to be honest the maps and streets never felt like they existed in real. But this time, Rockstar games might give us fully fledged maps in which our character will be able to fly to different countries and do much more stuff.

Rockstar Games is expected to announce the GTA VI in the month of June and the release of the game will be in 3rd Quarter or December to be precise. Till then, bookmark our website for more updates.

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Competition with a 50 million Euro Prize Money

A huge commotion and controversy has broken out as “Vote Leave” campaign launched a campaign that offers winners to take back home a jackpot of 50 million pounds. The task sounds simple, entrants have to predict the team that will win this year’s Euro. However most people are skeptical of the “scheme” and are dubbing it a con.


The Condition

Interestingly enough, this is a free to enter contest which will offer the lump sum to anyone who can predict the outcome of all 51 games correctly. The games are due in less than two weeks, so you still have enough time to brush up on your soccer stats, player stats and calculate the probabilistic outcomes before the draws begin. do not forget to check out England VS Wales Live Streaming.

The Policy

To assure people of its legitimacy, Vote Leave has taken out a policy for insuring and funding the contest. And for those who are already reaching for their calculators to calculate the probability of getting all the 51 predictions right, Vote Leave plans to give a 50,000 pound prize money to the “last man standing”. Quite literally that means the one who gets the most number of answers correct and manages to outlive the others in this competition.

Crunching a few numbers

You must already be wondering, “Why 50 million pounds?” the sum was chosen because that is exactly the amount Britain sends to Europe each day. According to Vote Leave, the country hands over 350 million pounds every week to the nations of EU. This money can get a new, technologically updated NHS hospital every week. This is quite the unique form of protest chosen by Vote Leave to represent the money squandered everyday on unelected politicians in Brussels. However UK statistics authority holds their ground by calling the numbers presented by Vote Lead as inaccurate and misleading. check the euro cup 2016 match Schedule.

What are your chances?

The steps taken by Vote Leave are quite dramatic as they go one step ahead of other competitions and urge the visitors to take part in the ongoing competition and provide a complete document of the reasons as to why a person should be taking part in this contest. In reality, the odd of winning this competition is 8 billion to 1. That is 9 whopping zeros behind the 8 people, in case you were wondering!

Why are true fans annoyed?

While most rivals are calling it a con, common people are being encouraged to gamble for their favorite teams this Euro cup 2016 live streaming. This is a major concern for the Euro authorities as the process of the competition and the outcomes have the complete ability to affect the game and the reactions of the spectators in site. With the threat of a terror attack already looming over France, more controversy and chances of disturbance is the last thing the Euro authorities want to worry about.