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You Tv Player for Android

YoutvPlayer APK for Android: How to Download and Install

YoutvPlayer for Android: YoutvPlayer is mostly known as the YouTube video downloader app. YouTube is the best when it comes to watching latest videos from all over the world and thus, those who love to watch different videos are too attached to YouTube. But this app has one hurdle, and that is the boundary to download the videos and there comes the importance of YoutvPlayer for Android. This app is created especially to download the videos from YouTube. Through YoutvPlayer, you can get access to all the videos on YouTube, which you can download and can keep to yourself to enjoy later. Apart from that YoutvPlayer offers you latest movies, which can also be downloaded directly and the user can watch them later.

You Tv Player for Android
You TV Player for Android

How to Download YoutvPlayer APK for Android

While downloading YoutvPlayer APK, two things will have to keep in mind. First, this app is not present in Google App Store, so, the only way to get the app is through the apk file version which can be available on third-party sites; and the second, as we are getting this app through an open source, our Android phone will not allow it directly. So we have to open the access to the Unknown Sources.

  1. First, you need to download the You TV Player APK file first on your Android handset.
  2. As we are getting YouTV Player APK from an external source, you need to grant the access to the unknown sources to allow installation of the You TV Player for Android smartphone. So, to give permissions, go to the Settings of your handset and then tap on the ‘Security’ and will notice the ‘Unknown Sources’ option. Now tap on the checkbox to allow access to Unknown Sources.
  3. Now, open the File Manager of your Android phone and find the You TV Player .apk file you have just downloaded.
  4. After that, to install this video player app on your Android handset, click on the YouTV Player .apk file. The file will ask for your permission. Grant them all to carry forward the installation process of You TV Player for Android.
  5. Finally, the apk file will take few minutes to complete the installation process. As soon as You TV Player gets successfully installed on your Android device, you will notice the app icon on the main menu.

Last Words

We hope the YoutvPlayer apk download process will be simple for you. Get the app, and you will never have to worry again to get the videos on YouTube. For more such helpful apps and their installation guide stick to this site.

Our Best Guide to Use CinemaBox for iOS 10

With smartphones’ inception in the recent tech world, we have come across various streaming apps that offer some of the magnificent services in watching TV shows and movies online. While there have been a number of dedicated movie streaming apps, we run out of words when this app is considered. Not only it offers a vast range of movies and not to forget, but it also stores events of the TV shows that you have missed out while snowed under your daily schedule. The app is CinemaBox HD, and this guide speaks everything about how to use CinemaBox for iOS users.

Is CinemaBox for iOS Possible?

We see eye to eye with the fact that more than half of the video streaming services are not meant for iOS devices. Either you cannot download them on iPhone or iPads, or you have other technical problems while going through the installation procedure. But with CinemaBox, iOS users can sit back and relax with the fact that CinemaBox for iOS is always a possibility! Here, we have mentioned the required step-by-step information by which you will be able to use CinemaBox HD app on your iOS running iPhones or iPads. Get the points known.

Method 1:

  • Visit the iTunes & App store account and if you have been logged in there then log out.
  • Visit a trusted source in order to get CinemaBox for iOS file.
  • Press the Install button.
  • The device you are using will be asked to whether or not you wish to install the app. Ignore everything and tap on install.
  • CinemaBox for iOS has been installed successfully on your device.

Method 2:

  • Visit Settings > General > Date and Time. Reset to January 1, 2014.
  • Download CinemaBox Ipa from a trusted source, and when it finishes downloading, you have to press Install.
  • Launch CinemaBox HD app on the iOS device you are using.
  • In case you come across any warning press the Trust option.
  • Continue with this until you start using CinemaBox for iOS.

Wrap Up

As a matter of fact, developers may change the user account in future to offer better services with more recent versions of CinemaBox, so don’t forget to add the site to your bookmark. And in case you aren’t able to log in then wait for a couple of minutes. Even if this doesn’t work, we would advise you to visit the download directory and download the latest version of CinemaBox for iOS. This is how iOS users can get the services of CinemaBox easily and effortlessly on their iPhones or iPads. Enjoyed reading our guide to CinemaBox for iOS? Feel free to use the comment section to inspire us with your invaluable feedback.

Kingroot apk download

Always Use Kingroot Apk for Android Devices if You have Rooting on Your Mind

Have rooting your Android device on your mind? Then, perhaps, the only way out for you is to use the Kingroot App, a free and terribly user-friendly app which has been developed for rooting your devices. You might ask us, what is so special about it that it can take on and overcome such other great apps like Towelroot? Well, this app works in case your device has between Android 4.2.2 and Android 5.1. This means that this app will work even if the Lollipop OS is being used. Let us analyze the great features of the Kingroot Apk for Android devices before we proceed any further.

Kingroot apk download
Download Kingroot apk

Kingroot Apk for Android Devices: Features

As with all other apps of varied functionalities which have enveloped us from every direction, the features list of the Kingroot Apk for Android devices is an extensive one. It has its own niche of users who have rtaken it upon themselves to root their devices using only the Kingroot app. Rooting, as a process itself, is made very easy using the new app.

Rooting is always a very delicate process. The risks involved in it are substantial. The steps to root a device are also substantial in almost every app that you are likely to use. To that extent, you must now choose the app which you feel is the best one for you. And the only option that we have for you is the Kingroot app.

Besides the obvious task of rooting the device, Kingroot will also let you speed and slim up the device that you own. This makes for better performance and is obviously a great extra feature which you must keep in mind.

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Kingroot Apk for Android devices will work on every Android OS post the Android 4.2.2 version and this means that even the Lollipop OS variant is now supported. This goes on to prove that the developers of the app are serious about the product that they are selling.

Kingroot, once in action, will also let you access the battery capabilities of the device that you are using. This is possible because the background apps are all closed and the battery can now be used more expeditiously. Note that the Kingroot app does not appear too work very well with the Motorola Moto G devices. It does, however, work perfectly well with the Nexus devices, notoriously tough to root.

Final Words

We hope that you will be able to appreciate the great benefits of the Kingroot Apk for Android devices once you start using it on your own device. Be sure to watch this space for more such handy information delivered straight to you.


Download Vidmate for Android

Download Vidmate for Android: How to Install the Latest Version of Vidmate for Android?

When it comes to video downloaders, Vidmate makes the best possible attempt in offering everything that is needed. Being one of those efficient video downloaders, Vidmate comes to be dedicated in offering the finest video downloading services. In this guide, we aim to talk at length about the process to download Vidmate for Android. Before that is taken into consideration, here’s what you can get with the latest version of Vidmate Apk.

Download Vidmate for Android: The Latest Version Offered

In case you are using the Vidmate APK on your Android device, then do not forget to get hold of the latest version offered by Vidmate developers. Here’s the complete list of information that the latest version of Vidmate Apk come with. Read them below. If you are a beginner, then also we recommend you to check the list below.

  • App Version- 3.21
  • Size of the App- 6.11 MB
  • Minimum Compatible OS- Android 2.2 (Froyo, API 8)
  • Target Compatible OS- Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean MR1, API 17)
  • Last Update of the App- August 7, 2017
Download Vidmate for Android
Download Vidmate for Android

Download Vidmate for Android: The Steps to Install the App

As a matter of fact, Vidmate app is not officially available on the official sources like Google Play Store. So for Android users, you need to get hold of the best tweak that is mentioned below. The app comes with some excellent features. Therefore, you may expect to explore a lot by using the best video downloader, the Vidmate Apk. Here are the steps that you require to follow.

  • Step 1: On your Android smartphone or tablet, to download the latest version of Vidmate Apk, first you require to visit the Settings of your device. Follow as instructed below.

Settings >> Security >> Unknown Sources >> Allow the Unknown Sources option and go for the second step.

  • Step 2: Get hold of one good and trusted source whereby you can download Vidmate for Android. Get hold of the latest version of Vidmate apk file and store it somewhere convenient on your Android device.
  • Step 3: Now find the downloaded apk file by going further down on your device’s File Manager. You can even download the ES Manager in case required. Enter the file and hit the Install button.
  • Step 4: Now you are all ready to use Vidmate apk on your Android device. Explore the app and begin to download any of your favorite contents.

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At Last

This was all that you required to know about Vidmate Apk. Hope our piece offered you the best process to download the app on Android devices. In case our guide to download Vidmate for Android was handy enough, share it with your friends.

steps to download Playbox HD

PlayBox: check out the steps to download the app for Android devices

Generations had passed by since the day when technology was nothing but a myth. We are now in the 21st century, the century of revolution for technology. We live in an era where smartphones have become our coolest best friend. With revolutions of smartphones comes evolution of different video streaming apps. Recently, these kinds of apps are massively popular because of the advancement in the field of technology. Certainly, there are various video streaming apps, but out of all, the first name comes to our mind is PlayBox HD app.

PlayBox is one good app which is excellent in the streaming of movie and video as well! PlayBox lets the users be able to watch TV shows, movies as well as cartoons according to their preferences.  Everything is just sorted when it comes to searching for any video, television shows or movie. PlayBox offers a user-friendly interface. What is more exciting is that this app supports the Google Chromecast, unlike any other random video streaming app. Mentioned below is a list of steps by which the Android users can easily download the PlayBox app from the internet. Read on for more info:

how to download playbox app

  1. STEP 1: First, users must download PlayBox Apk file from the link that you will get on the Android smartphones. Users, you must know that the latest version of PlayBox Apk file is really easy to download.
  2. STEP 2: We know that this app is a third party application. This app is not registered on Google Play Store. Users, you should follow this very carefully. As this is a third-party app, you need the app to be downloaded by granting the access to the unknown sources in order to allow the installation process. Users, you need to give a green signal; thereby you must go to ‘Settings’ from the respective Android devices, tap on ‘Security.’ You will be getting the option of ‘Unknown Sources.’ Allow the permission for downloading the apk file of PlayBox.
  3. STEP 3: After allowing the permission, now go to the file manager of your handset. There, search for the PlayBox apk file that you have recently downloaded
  4. STEP 4: After searching is completed, install the file on the Android device accordingly. Now you need to click on the apk file which will ask to grant the permission. Be careful and grant everything for carrying the steps forward in order to install the PlayBox app on your Android devices.
  5. STEP 5: Now comes the final step! After allowing everything, PlayBox app is successfully installed. The app can be found on your main menu itself. Enjoy watching your favorite video, movies or even cartoons!

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Undoubtedly, Playbox app is brilliantly useful in watching TV shows, movies, cartoons or even your favorite video. But we cannot deny of its imperfections. Perhaps, imperfection is what makes something more attractive. But before downloading PlayBox, one must know its negative impact as well! This kind of app can bring virus and malware; thereby harming the devices. So users before downloading PlayBox app, make sure you know the best of it!


sharing files between smartphone and pc is now easy

File Transferring from Smartphone to Desktop becomes Easy through Shareit

When we did not actually have the slightest of idea of what file transferring is we wondered how to send the pictures or other folders to another gadget from our own. And then came the Bluetooth which happens to be an inbuilt platform which is there in every smartphone and also in laptops. It actually helped all of us to transfer folders, pictures and also other things from our respected devices to the others. Therefore, Bluetooth during those days was used by every single one of us. But things slowly started taking a different path where more of such applications came in and we kept getting overawed by them. And then the ultimate one took the front seat away which happens to be the Shareit application.

Shareit app has deluge of pros which are appreciated by the mass users and they are certainly fond of the facilities delivered by the great platform. You may actually have realized that sending huge flies via the traditional Bluetooth is actually not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and provides hindrance while sending those files. The speed becomes extremely slow and starts annoying the one who tries to send the big files through Bluetooth. People were looking out for an alternative of the inbuilt app since long and they finally found one favorable such app which was Shareit.

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Shareit is certainly not an inbuilt app but it delivers way advanced and also great features than the inbuilt platform called Bluetooth. Shareit can be installed on almost all kind of devices be it on windows, android or even iOS or Blackberry. Therefore it certainly compatible or suitable with the devices equipped with Android and of course the other OS which are there in the market.

File transferring is really easy with shareit

However, speed is certainly the main part about the application, Shareit. It is super fast, lightning and highly commendable and phenomenal. Therefore, whenever, you would try and send across even a humongous folder the speed limit during that time won’t get altered at all. It means that the speed will certainly remain phenomenal and first-rate.

And this is of course one of the greatest reasons why people just love using the application called Shareit. They do not find any hindrance or obstacle during sending across folders or pictures or songs.

Shareit has been actually making life and file sharing convenient since it has been developed. And even transferring something from your smartphone to the desktops is also highly easy when done through Shareit. It is convenient and is quite easy due to which people also keep suggesting the app to the other people. For example if someone asks them to suggest them some good file sending apps, the ones who have used Shareit would obviously suggest them the platform.

And even they would love using the platform right after they get accustomed and introduced to Shareit. Therefore, Shareit is actually highly suitable for all those people who end up sharing files almost every day.

here is the download link for SHAREit APK file.

download snaptube on android devices

How to Download SnapTube on Android handset

Technology has gifted us many things over the last decade, but the most prolific one is the evolution of the smartphones. Smartphones have come across a long way, and now has become an integral part of our life. Now e can’t think a day without the tiny gadget. The smartphones have made our lives easier, and smarter. Nowadays, whenever we look for something, we open our smartphone and search through the application installed in it. There are applications for everything, you just name it. Want to learn a new language? You will get applications for that. Want to date someone? There are hundreds of dating applications available in the market. Even there are streaming applications too, which have changed our TV and movies watching habits completely.

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So when we are talking about the video streaming applications, we can’t simply ignore SnapTube, as it is one of the most downloaded video streaming applications of the recent time. And the reason why it is so much successful, is the awesome features the application offers to its users. SnapTube takes a very little space in your handset and the videos available in the application come absolutely free of cost.  All the TV shows, videos and cartoons are categorized as per their genres and available in various resolutions. Another major advantage of using SnapTube is you don’t have to deal with some annoying, pesky ads while watching your favorite TV show or movie. The user-interface of the video streaming application is very simple and easy-to-understand too. SnapTube allows its users to search the videos easily and recommend videos as per the previous searching history. Not only that, you can download your desired contents from the SnapTube application hitting just one button and no matter what the size of the file is, the application provides an impeccable download speed to its users. Moreover, SnapTube allows its users to download MP3 files from YouTube, which many streaming applications can’t even think off.

So, after reading all these stunning features, you must be raring to download SnapTube on your Android handset. But the problem is you won’t find this video streaming application on the Google Play Store. The reason behind is, Google does not allow any streaming application to get registered on the Play Store as it goes against the rules and regulations of the company. So to download SnapTube on Android devices, you need to download the SnapTube apk file first. Check out the steps below:

Step 1: First download the SnapTube apk file from the internet.

Step 2: Now, as you have downloaded the SnapTube apk file from an external source, you need to give your smartphone the permission to install apps from the third party sources. So, go to the Settings of your phone, tap on the Security option and turn on the Unknown Sources option.

Step 3: After that, go back to the file manager and click on the SnapTube apk file.

Step 4: Finally, the apk file will ask for your permission. Click ok to complete the installation process.

download showbox on Blackberry

Showbox: Advantages and Steps to install in your Blackberry Devices

In today’s fast-paced world technology is vastly improving. All thanks to the manmade power which has developed the world with the internet and advanced gadgets. Today everyone prefers to use their smart phones. Honestly, time is what none has. A Smartphone with an internet connection is the best option by which every human being can not only serve professionally but also personally. To lessen up the chaos of booking tickets and watching a movie, there’s Showbox. Yes, technology has developed enormously! But what exactly is Showbox? Well, for a comprehensive outlook you need to check out this article.


Showbox is an application which is available for the Android operating system. Smart phones and tablets which are powered by Android can have this application. The most exciting thing about this application is that users absolutely don’t need any subscription for using this. It is an app that is used in order to stream videos, serials, TV shows as well as movies. One can definitely consider Showbox as the best application that is available on the Internet.

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For all the new users, here’s a vivid description of the amazing features of the app Showbox. Mentioned below are the advantages:

  • This app is free without any additional or hidden charges.
  • Login or registration is just not required for accessing the movies or TV episodes.
  • Easy searching in Showbox! There’s no confusion or chaos while searching for different episodes or movies via Showbox.
  • Without digging the search engines, users can access all new episodes.
  • For all the long-term users, they can add favorites wherever or whenever they need to.
  • Users remain updated with the update in the episodes.
  • Downloading a separate episode is absolutely not a big deal if it is Showbox, as the downloaded files go in a different folder so that users can track them seamlessly without any harassment.
  • Even without the internet connection, users are free to watch any and every episode.


  1. STEP 1: First, users should find the Showbox apk download file for the respective Blackberry devices.
  2. STEP 2: Second, users should go to file manager and then download the file.
  3. STEP 3: When the downloaded file is tapped it would run to play a setup.
  4. STEP 4: Last, users should press the ‘install’ option after going through the list of permissions.

Showbox application is a kind of a modern revolution in the field of movie streaming for all mobile devices that offer seamless and free access to television shows, movies as well as cartoons and is rated as one of the best Android application. But there’s just one problem with Showbox. It is not available in Google Play Store. Thus, users have to follow the link that is provided to download it on the Android devices. So if you are new member hoping to enjoy the journey of Showbox, then get the link from the Internet.

Know How to Get You TV Player on your Android Phone

In the hustle bustle of life we often don’t get time to give importance to our favorite things, and missing out on all the intriguing television shows as well as movies is a common factor. But thanks to advancement in the technologies as a lot of video streaming applications are coming up. There are quite a few apps which come for free and You TV Player is one of them which has attracted innumerable users due to its overwhelming features. You TV Player comes for free and the users do not get charged for subscribing it. These video streaming applications are extremely convenient for an entertainment fanatic as he/she can watch their favorite television series at any point of the time. It might get extremely frustrating for a person to watch a poor picture quality movie, but You TV Player provides its users with HD prints of television series and famous films. Even the television series of your choices will get easily streamed via the app on your devices which is highly convenient for the users. And apart from being compatible with the Android devices, You TV Player can also be downloaded on the ios devices.

And today we will talk about how to download the You TV Player app on the android devices. So go through the points mentioned below which would help you in downloading the video streaming app on your android phone.

  • Firstly you need to download the APK file via Google through your device. You may find various APK file downloading website.
  • Then go to the security section of your android device and you will find an option to turn on unknown sources, so all you need to do is click on that.
  • After you get done with downloading the APK file, go to downloads section on your device and then run the APK file.
  • And then just download the overwhelming video streaming app on your Android devices and enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV shows.

One of the most intriguing parts about the You TV Player app is that it is compatible of content casting and if your television sets support Chromecast then you can utilize the joy of watching live TV without even paying a single penny.

It has been said that the APK file for You TV Player is known as one of the most downloaded APK files among the users as it has been in the good books of maximum number of viewers ever since its inception. And the user get to choose among various options such as cartoon channels, news channels, fashion channels, movie channels, sports channels, and so on.

And even the interface of the app is extremely user friendly which makes it more convenient to function and the app also works really well on all the social media platforms. You can ask the viewers about their take on the tv shows or movies through You TV Player.

Therefore, any entertainment fanatic would love to get the app on their respective devices.

4 Reasons why Snaptube Edges over YouTube

There are quite a few applications now in the android market but when we talk about the legitimate ones; SnapTube is one of the top names among all android users. This application not only provides you medium to watch and stream videos online but also you can download the videos and music onto your phone.


In SnapTube, it uses many featured websites in which YouTube is one of them but there are many other from which you can download videos from URLs. In this cases scenario SnapTube gives you a more border choices of downloadable videos apart from what is only available on YouTube. It has websites like Live Leak, Vimeo, Vine, Meta tube, iG and many more. All you need to do is go though with downloading Snaptube’s APK file.

Thankfully, the new version of SnapTube is more promising than ever with advance new features for music downloading also, the audio downloading could be done with streamable videos.

SnapTube App Interesting Features

Some of the features of the SnapTube App which overlook YouTube are-

  1. Inside collection: No matter how many videos are there on YouTube may be millions are there, but with SnapTube which is one application and so many other sites to review the content, it’s huge, P.S. which also includes the video data of YouTube with it. So it would be amazing that installing only one app SnapTube from which one can stream as well as download the videos, could actually save some space by not installing YouTube on the device.
  2. Video quality: In SnapTube you could actually choose the quality of video you wanted to download on your smart phone no matter in what quality the video is but on the other side when we take a look on YouTube, whatever the quality of video is uploaded there will only be downloaded.
  3. Space: As on SnapTube you have a freedom to choose the quality of video, as if you would go with the lower quality like 360p would take less space on your device but in YouTube if the video is of 480p and would take more space so it can’t be managed there.
  4. Accessibility: when we talk about the key feature accessibility, this is the most important thing, whenever you would want to download anything from SnapTube it will automatically be saved in the selected storage option either phone or SD card, but if you download anything from YouTube, you would rather has to launch the application first in order to see those downloaded videos under sub category of offline videos.

Why don’t we take an overall look to both of the applications and compare their applicability in our devices before we reach to the final conclusion. Let’s say, for SnapTube its multitasking, saving storage data, as if you download SnapTube you won’t be needing YouTube at all, more variety of content with related keyword search and more accessible. In common terms let’s put it that, it is more efficient, easy and fast than any of the other video downloading apps available on play store.