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Know How to Get You TV Player on your Android Phone

In the hustle bustle of life we often don’t get time to give importance to our favorite things, and missing out on all the intriguing television shows as well as movies is a common factor. But thanks to advancement in the technologies as a lot of video streaming applications are coming up. There are quite a few apps which come for free and You TV Player is one of them which has attracted innumerable users due to its overwhelming features. You TV Player comes for free and the users do not get charged for subscribing it. These video streaming applications are extremely convenient for an entertainment fanatic as he/she can watch their favorite television series at any point of the time. It might get extremely frustrating for a person to watch a poor picture quality movie, but You TV Player provides its users with HD prints of television series and famous films. Even the television series of your choices will get easily streamed via the app on your devices which is highly convenient for the users. And apart from being compatible with the Android devices, You TV Player can also be downloaded on the ios devices.

And today we will talk about how to download the You TV Player app on the android devices. So go through the points mentioned below which would help you in downloading the video streaming app on your android phone.

  • Firstly you need to download the APK file via Google through your device. You may find various APK file downloading website.
  • Then go to the security section of your android device and you will find an option to turn on unknown sources, so all you need to do is click on that.
  • After you get done with downloading the APK file, go to downloads section on your device and then run the APK file.
  • And then just download the overwhelming video streaming app on your Android devices and enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV shows.

One of the most intriguing parts about the You TV Player app is that it is compatible of content casting and if your television sets support Chromecast then you can utilize the joy of watching live TV without even paying a single penny.

It has been said that the APK file for You TV Player is known as one of the most downloaded APK files among the users as it has been in the good books of maximum number of viewers ever since its inception. And the user get to choose among various options such as cartoon channels, news channels, fashion channels, movie channels, sports channels, and so on.

And even the interface of the app is extremely user friendly which makes it more convenient to function and the app also works really well on all the social media platforms. You can ask the viewers about their take on the tv shows or movies through You TV Player.

Therefore, any entertainment fanatic would love to get the app on their respective devices.

4 Reasons why Snaptube Edges over YouTube

There are quite a few applications now in the android market but when we talk about the legitimate ones; SnapTube is one of the top names among all android users. This application not only provides you medium to watch and stream videos online but also you can download the videos and music onto your phone.


In SnapTube, it uses many featured websites in which YouTube is one of them but there are many other from which you can download videos from URLs. In this cases scenario SnapTube gives you a more border choices of downloadable videos apart from what is only available on YouTube. It has websites like Live Leak, Vimeo, Vine, Meta tube, iG and many more. All you need to do is go though with downloading Snaptube’s APK file.

Thankfully, the new version of SnapTube is more promising than ever with advance new features for music downloading also, the audio downloading could be done with streamable videos.

SnapTube App Interesting Features

Some of the features of the SnapTube App which overlook YouTube are-

  1. Inside collection: No matter how many videos are there on YouTube may be millions are there, but with SnapTube which is one application and so many other sites to review the content, it’s huge, P.S. which also includes the video data of YouTube with it. So it would be amazing that installing only one app SnapTube from which one can stream as well as download the videos, could actually save some space by not installing YouTube on the device.
  2. Video quality: In SnapTube you could actually choose the quality of video you wanted to download on your smart phone no matter in what quality the video is but on the other side when we take a look on YouTube, whatever the quality of video is uploaded there will only be downloaded.
  3. Space: As on SnapTube you have a freedom to choose the quality of video, as if you would go with the lower quality like 360p would take less space on your device but in YouTube if the video is of 480p and would take more space so it can’t be managed there.
  4. Accessibility: when we talk about the key feature accessibility, this is the most important thing, whenever you would want to download anything from SnapTube it will automatically be saved in the selected storage option either phone or SD card, but if you download anything from YouTube, you would rather has to launch the application first in order to see those downloaded videos under sub category of offline videos.

Why don’t we take an overall look to both of the applications and compare their applicability in our devices before we reach to the final conclusion. Let’s say, for SnapTube its multitasking, saving storage data, as if you download SnapTube you won’t be needing YouTube at all, more variety of content with related keyword search and more accessible. In common terms let’s put it that, it is more efficient, easy and fast than any of the other video downloading apps available on play store.

How To Learn & Have Fun With Magic GarageBand

With Apple’s GarageBand app, you don’t need a recording studio anymore. Although it is certainly recommended that you don’t even need to know how to play any instruments! Having a Mac and a feel for the music is more than enough to launch your own project with GarageBand. It is a proud feeling of recording your own next hit track with GarageBand, one can really start by taking the perception the song and learn how to use MIDI instruments or add digital loops to it. Take notice of the different indie publishing ‘plans’, and get ready to make the first song of your life, from an idea to it make public.


GarageBand is that tool which will make everyday computer users to create their own quality recordings and songs in a very quick and simple. All they would need is a computer with an Ethernet connectivity, Mac OS X or any of the Apple devices that has GarageBand –will definitely be the simplest way for common people to produce their own songs, yet it is simple but can’t be mastered in a day. You can even run Garageband for Windows PC and laptops too, but for that you have to use some special tricks and tweaks.

How to get started?

Setting up a new project: for starters click to the icon “new project” on the up-left corner. And I would suggest you to choose the songwriter among all the different combinations as it comes with all the basic instruments. Save it with a title and rest more options could be altered later. Click OK for the next step.

Adding tracks: From the “Songwriting” project, you will see many preset tracks like- Voice, Acoustic, Piano, Muted Bass and Drums. You have a liberty to add or remove more according to want song you would like to create.

Track controls: it gives you the ability to virtually add as many tracks as you want to, but it will be very difficult to monitor everything on your Mac. That’s why there is an option track controls, placed under track name. You can see between the options Record, Solo or Unsolo, Lock or Unlock and View or Hide Automation. If you are not sure which icon is what, just move your mouse around to see!

Eye for detail: Eventually you may require a more detailed view for better editing the track. The Track Editor’s option may not suffice the changes that needed to be done while watching the song closely or else you would need to see the song as a whole. This is where you requires GarageBand’s zoom level feature. It’s located under the Tracks pane or Track Editor Pane. Slide the marker back and forth to zoom out or to zoom in. as I have mentioned above to alter any of the settings can be done, so you may choose LCD mode from “project” to do that.

I hope by this you would get some of the idea what this application is capable of. This could be it, the one to revolutionize the whole concept of digital audio.