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WWE 2K18 Release Date Set In October — Check All The Details

After receiving poor criticisms from critics and fans alike from WWE 2K17, game enthusiasts across the globe are looking forward to the release of WWE 2K18. As per industry rumors, the WWE 2K18 release date has been set at October 17. Speculations of the game witnessing a ‘substantial change’ to the series with the release of the latest edition are also doing rounds over the internet.

WWE 2K18 will release on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Microsoft Windows. One of the historic turning points in the game series is that it will release on PlaysStation 3 for the very first time in the history of the game series. Although, one thing to be noted is that since the game would now demand an 8GB for effortless execution, therefore minor changes might be seen in the PC edition.

WWE 2K18

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This version of the game will also feature the basic elements of professional wrestling set against a virtual setting. WWE 2K18 is the eighteenth game in the series. One key point that fans are longing for is that they want the games to feature as many match types as possible and more and more matches should be added instead of getting stripped away.

Professional wrestling video game franchise WWE 2K was developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports in 2000, the first release being called WWF SmackDown. Over the years, it has been run on platforms like PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS, iOS, Android, Mobile and PlayStation Portable.

The series has been listed among the best-selling video game franchises in the world with more than 60 million copies shipped.

The most recent edition, WWE 2K17, was released on October 24, 2016. The various versions of the game in chronological order are WWF SmackDown (1st edition), WWF SmackDown 2: Know Your Role (2nd edition), WWF SmackDown: Just Bring It (3rd edition), WWE SmackDown: Shut Your Mouth (4th edition), WWE SmackDown: Here Comes The Pain (5th edition), WWE SmackDown VS Raw (6th edition), WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2006 (7th edition), WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2007 (8th edition), WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2008 (9th edition), WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2009 (9th edition), WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2010 (10th edition), WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2011 (11th edition), WWE ’12 (12th edition), WWE ’13 (13th edition), WWE 2K14 (14th edition), WWE 2K15 (15th edition), WWE 2K16 (16th edition), WWE 2K17 (17th edition) and WWE 2K18 (18th edition).

The series is based on WWE and features match types, narration and characters based on WWE programming. It was initially called WWF and then subsequently changed to WWE.

Usually the release date of each version is announced a month before its release. The distributor of each country is also notified about the development and the same is expected from this year’s release.

Annual update feel to WWE games makes a complete overhaul difficult indeed, but it is something that 2K should be thinking about.

Throughout its history, the game series has gone through a number of changes since its first release. The initial versions of the game included simpler mechanics while the recent versions have adopted changes, which have brought it much closer to its real life counterpart.

Although it is still unknown what all changes the developers are planning to introduce in the game, but as they have had almost a year to think about it since the last version’s release, the expectations of fans are soaring high.

iOS 11 May Feature Group Video Calling for FaceTime

Operating systems or OS are the most pivotal and important part of any device which plays a big role in operating a particular gadget and starts functioning after the user switches his/her device on. We already know how tough the competition is among Windows, Android and of course iOS but the operating system developed by Apple stands out to some extent because of all the innovativeness it comes up with during the launch of each version.

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Even the iOS 10 got its place in the good books of critics and avid Apple users and the most hyped up feature about it was the digital message facility. And it had all the reasons to get hyped as the feature was so amazing and fascinating. People enjoyed sending the digital messages and loved everything about the particular feature. Therefore, the expectations now have elevated for obvious reasons from the iOS 11 which has become the present discussion topic among all those who are impatiently waiting for the release date of iOS 11.

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The iOS 11 will most likely end up getting unveiled in September, 2017, but still the users are not that sure as Apple hasn’t uttered anything about the same. And such prediction has emerged just because the other iOS versions were rolled out in the same month. When iOS 10 came out it sported great innovativeness and came up with a several new features and now we are sure that even the Apple iOS 11 is going to be sporting greater features.

Therefore, expectations have gradually gone higher. Siri can turn out to be even more better this time, though the AI getting compatible with third party apps was well received but now each and every user demands more and want developers to make the AI by Apple support some other applications as well.

FaceTime is one of the essential parts about the iPhone and imagine a great update for the feature. FaceTime is even more convenient than Skype as per the users of the iPhones as it offers video calling but sources say that the developers are planning to introduce the option of group video calling for FaceTime. This request was appealed by the users since a long time due to which their wish might have all the chances of getting granted this time.

The Dark Mode feature has been in the news for quite sometime as the iOS 11 may sport this particular feature as well. It is going to be highly convenient for all the users if they get to utilize the feature. It is going to make the display of the iPhones dark which will be convenient for the users as their eyes would get less stressed. Therefore, the Dark Mode features seems to be pretty much interesting and in demand.

We can predict an update in the iMessage section also as the inclusion digital message worked really well for the users. And even a lot more emojis are predicted to come up with the awaited iOS 11.

Nevertheless, the operating system by Apple is definitely going to create a storm after its release.

Galaxy Note 8 Design

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Why the New Device is Irresistible

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the many devices from the house of Samsung which will be launched this year. The house of Samsung has witnessed a record amount of churn since the Galaxy Note 7 started exploding all over the world last year. Many airlines also banned the new device. Although Samsung decided to ban the device, the damage done was already great. Estimates suggest that the total coast of damages could run into tens of billions of dollars. This is also why the new tablet is so important.

Galaxy Note 8 Design
Galaxy Note 8 Design Looks Classy

Many users have also asked us why they need to buy the new device. For one, the new device is a showstopper as far as the features are concerned. Many users have also asked us what the features of the new tablet are. We have no hesitation but to inform them that these devices are among the best available devices in the market. many times, it has been seen that such devices are amongst the best in the world. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is not at all different in this aspect either.

One of the best features of the new tablet is the display. It will ship with a 5.7-inch display with a stunning display as well. The resolution will have a support of up to 16M colors and will have a clear display of up to 3840 x 2160 pixels (with an estimated ~773 ppi pixel density) as well. The new gadget will also support multitouch options which will make it doubly magical to use as well. 

For protection, the user will have the aid of the Corning Gorilla Glass 5, which will make it hard to crack and will also help it to sustain hard crashes and top falls. While there have been reports of the Note 7 being fragile, it is also interesting to note that the new Note 8 will have all the makings of a truly outdoors device which will make it doubly special.

Next, we talk about what’s under the hood. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is, as the name suggests, one of the devices which combine the effects of a tablet with the form factor of the phone. So, while we have no hesitating in declaring that the new device will have a 2017 launch, we have no option but to declare that the new Not 8 will receive some of its main competition from the newly launched Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+. These two devices have been recently launched and it is no surprise that such devices have won the minds and the hearts of the average user.

On top of all these issues, it must also be mentioned that such devices should have one important aspect as well. That is the resale value, which has to be extremely good in order to ensure that the average user will go for it. Many users have asked us what the new device’s most important feature will be like, We would like to state that this is the price of the Note 8.

LG V30 Slated To Be LG’s Other Premium Smartphone in 2017

South Korean tech giants LG have been one of the most prominent companies when it comes to making the highlight today and with the MWC 2017 just around the corner, LG has been reportedly kept very busy owing to the launch of their flagship device later this month. The LG G6 is as good as launched the the question now is, which device will tech enthusiasts turn to for their speculating processes? Well the answer is there with the South Korean giants only as the company has already opened up plans regarding the release of a possible LG V30 smartphone slated to appear sometime later this year itself.

Now, there have been various concerns pertaining to what the LG v30 is slated to sport and tech enthusiasts have come up with quite a significant wish list pertaining to what the next premium device from LG is about to offer. Now, with the latest advancements in technology being rolled out by the day, there isn’t a doubt in the fact that the LG V30 will feature the best in class technology for today.

Let’s have a look at exactly what the LG V30 smartphone is pegged to feature:

  • The LG V30 will definitely sport an upgrade from the V20’s Snapdragon 821 to the latest 10nm Snapdragon 835 chipset from Qualcomm which was manufactured in collaboration with Samsung and launched at the CES 2017 event earlier in January 2017. The new fabrication process from Qualcomm is said to provide a 27% ramp up in power from its predecessor also providing 40% more efficient batter backup. The Snapdragon 835 processor is also slated to bring in support for the Qualcomm QuickCharge 4.0 which will reportedly charge your phone 60% in a matter of five minutes.
  • The V30 will reportedly retain the 5.7inch QHD display from its predecessor bit will reportedly incorporate OLED panels into the device giving way to the technology that LG has had in works for quite some time now. The LG V30 is expected to sport an edge to edge display sporting 100% screen to body ratio completely eliminating bezels in the front panel of the device. Furthermore, the V30 is also expected to sport a fingerprint scanner on the rear device panel and an iris scanner to ensure further security of the high end feature.
  • The LG V30 is also reportedly set to ditch the secondary display, which were the highlights of the first two iterations of the V30. Now, the South Korean giants have already expressed their plans of redesigning the next iteration of the V series of smartphones and apparently the secondary display does not feature in their plans at all.
  • The LG V30 is expected to retain the dual-lens camera setup which featured earlier in the V20 smartphone. Although a ramp up in the sensor count is more or less expected, there might not be any major advancements over the V20’s camera.

Is Fast & Furious 8 to end the Dom-Letty love story?

Fast & Furious has reached its 8th movie, and with every film, the franchise has tried something new and interesting to hold the interest of the audience. Directed by F. Gary Gray and written by Chris Morgan the film was first announced in March 2015. Now as this time the pressure of making the film engrossing for the audience was a bit difficult, as the absence of Paul Walker was deeply felt, the makers had to go beyond ‘just’ a stylized action flick. This time the plot is more twisted, and the characters are shown in different shades. As per the speculation goes, it gives a hint that Fast & Furious 8 will be the end of Dom-Letty love story. Since the first series, the couple was there for each other in their every thick and thin, though their relation has gone through difficulties.

But the fact is that Fast & Furious series is not about Dom and Letty. It is about a team, their problems and the process of overcoming it while keeping the friendship intact. The makers are trying to give the plot a new twist, and there is a possibility that at the end of the Fast & Furious 8, the couple may part.

Diesel stated “With Furious 7, our focus was to not only make the best film in the saga but to honor what it has represented for almost two decades. The key to this next chapter is to challenge those core themes that have endured, and to do it in a way that is compelling but still entertaining.”

In the upcoming movie too, the director F. Gary Gray has tried something different. He said “Dom Toretto is always about family, and with this storyline, it’s the absolute opposite of what you expect,”

Michelle Rodriguez’s character Letty has always been the lifeline of the series, and For Fast & Furious fans it always starts and ends with the Dom-Letty love story. Straight-shooting Letty Ortiz is the highlight of the film, though the couple’s relationship has always been portrayed as grounded and real as possible, to give it the subtlety. The girl is shown as a strong enough, but “A woman’s most powerful gift is love,” and there lies the strength of the character. While she was supposed to be dead in the fourth installment of the franchise, her absence was deeply felt and in the fifth came the slightest possible that she is somewhere and not dead and tin the next series she was there in her full glory.

So the fans may ask is it necessary to show her dethatched from her love and family? The answer is, ‘Maybe’. Because, The Fast and Furious is all about cumulative struggle and win and not a story of one or two. So this time too, the director makes it sure that the focus don’t go on any individual and the plot revolves with its own essence.


Know How to Get You TV Player on your Android Phone

In the hustle bustle of life we often don’t get time to give importance to our favorite things, and missing out on all the intriguing television shows as well as movies is a common factor. But thanks to advancement in the technologies as a lot of video streaming applications are coming up. There are quite a few apps which come for free and You TV Player is one of them which has attracted innumerable users due to its overwhelming features. You TV Player comes for free and the users do not get charged for subscribing it. These video streaming applications are extremely convenient for an entertainment fanatic as he/she can watch their favorite television series at any point of the time. It might get extremely frustrating for a person to watch a poor picture quality movie, but You TV Player provides its users with HD prints of television series and famous films. Even the television series of your choices will get easily streamed via the app on your devices which is highly convenient for the users. And apart from being compatible with the Android devices, You TV Player can also be downloaded on the ios devices.

And today we will talk about how to download the You TV Player app on the android devices. So go through the points mentioned below which would help you in downloading the video streaming app on your android phone.

  • Firstly you need to download the APK file via Google through your device. You may find various APK file downloading website.
  • Then go to the security section of your android device and you will find an option to turn on unknown sources, so all you need to do is click on that.
  • After you get done with downloading the APK file, go to downloads section on your device and then run the APK file.
  • And then just download the overwhelming video streaming app on your Android devices and enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV shows.

One of the most intriguing parts about the You TV Player app is that it is compatible of content casting and if your television sets support Chromecast then you can utilize the joy of watching live TV without even paying a single penny.

It has been said that the APK file for You TV Player is known as one of the most downloaded APK files among the users as it has been in the good books of maximum number of viewers ever since its inception. And the user get to choose among various options such as cartoon channels, news channels, fashion channels, movie channels, sports channels, and so on.

And even the interface of the app is extremely user friendly which makes it more convenient to function and the app also works really well on all the social media platforms. You can ask the viewers about their take on the tv shows or movies through You TV Player.

Therefore, any entertainment fanatic would love to get the app on their respective devices.

iPad Air 3 Rumors and Release Dates

The next Apple tablet announcement is still a few months away, but the enthusiast people have already started wondering about the possible specs and release. Especially with Samsung releasing a new tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 with an S-pen it’s only natural that Apple would want to soon release a new tablet that’s on the same or even better standards with the Samsung counterpart. Few rumors suggest that the Apple iPad Air 3 release date has been set in March, while the other sources vouch for a much later release date. The name hasn’t been fixed yet, but we would like to settle for iPad Air 3 for now.

Release Date

iPad Air 3 has already been long overdue for a revamp. Apple had released new tablet in March 2016, but that wasn’t the iPad Air 3. Instead, Apple has gone for a whole new product lineup called the iPad Pro which has the same 9.7 inch display size as opposed to the earlier released 12.9 inch iPad Pro. If the release date strategy is kept the same this year, then we should see a new iPad by the third quarters of March 2017. That may or may not be the Apple iPad Air 3.

Even if an iPad Air 3 isn’t around the corner, we could settle that Apple may unveil an iPad Pro this year.

Will iPad Air 3 be the last?

Also, a good number of online rumor analysts are saying that the Apple iPad Air 3 would be the last Air model in the iPad lineup. Since the iPad Pro is now already in the market with two of its iterations, people are in fact buying the Pro version more than the Air – this only makes sense. If the iPad Air 2 wasn’t the last model already, then apparently the Air 3 is going to mark the ending of the iPad Air lineup. Tablets are already less popular than they ever had been in the past, so a decision for removal doesn’t really come as a surprise.

Design: Not Westworld Yet

Well, if you have watched the popular HBO original Westworld, you should know what we are talking about. The hosts used a folding tablet to control the androids (not the OS) which is both high tech and a design wonder at the same time. Apple iPad Air 3 won’t be that wonder yet, it’s mostly a slight facelift of what we currently have in the market right now. A folding iPad concept has shown up in many concepts, none of them appeared to be realistic to us. Expect a regular iPad Air design with reduced thickness and a redesigned antenna placement, maybe? However, the headphone jack on the next iPad is most likely to stay.

Will the Apple Pencil work?

As of yet, Apple Pencil is only designed to work with the Pro lineup. In order to compete well with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, Apple should add the Pencil support for iPad Air 3.


Although a possible release date is near, yet we have much lesser information on the iPad Air 3 than we are supposed to. If anything feasible shows up, we shall let you know!

Are Unmanned Drones A Real Boon To Humankind?

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or commonly known as Drones is a kind of aircraft without a human pilot. Drones find their use in several areas like surveillance, product deliveries, recreational and so on. Drones were mainly invented for military operations where unmanned vehicles were preferred to attack the enemy territories. Its invention dates back to 1849 and was used in World War 1 too. Along with the development in the technology Drones also evolved and now civilian Drones outnumber the military Drones and they are a significant discovery in various fields. In this article let us look at the benefits of Unmanned Drones in various fields.

  • Life Savers

The major usage of Drone is in the military and one of its main advantages is that it saves human life as there is no need for a military person to be involved in the combat. The drone can be operated from the base and it can be flown over the enemy territory for surveillance or to attack. They can reach humanly impossible areas and this feature helps a lot during natural disasters to assess the physical and material damage.

  • Accuracy

Drones mainly being machines have an amazing accuracy which helps in pinpointing the target without causing damage to other civil properties or lives.

  • Helps Agriculture

Drones can be used in agriculture to fertilize or water crops and they also monitor the health of crops thus reducing the human effort and time.

  • Delivering products

Drones are considered to be the perfect product delivery means by Amazon president and the brainchild is still developing. Following Amazon many can prefer drones in the product delivery area which minimizes human effort and also ensures accuracy and speed in delivery and return process.

  • Hobby

Drones can be an interesting hobby for those who interested in aeronautical science. Attaching a camera to the drone can capture some breathtaking scenes and can be viewed in your phone. The battery time of the drone will be the main limitation for hobbyists.

  • Operational Time

Drones are better than humans in military combat and in spying missions as they can endure for a longer time than humans. No human breaks are required and can be reliable the entire time the drone is activated.

  • Spying

One major advantage of drone is that they can be used in spying missions in military. They are also used in geographical surveys as measuring a huge area is easily achievable with a drone.

  • Journalism

Journalists use drones in news gathering especially in human inaccessible areas. When there are natural disasters like typhoons, floods, earthquakes a drone can be used to gather news on the damage.

Thus drones have a lot of advantages in numerous fields. No scientific invention goes without negative effects and drones are not exempted from the fact. Drones are claimed to be invading the privacy of civilians since its invention. The privacy issue becomes a hyper topic when the military is involved. Apart from the discrepancies Drones are indeed a powerful invention. we make a list of best drones for sale this year.

iPhone 8 to have Wireless Charging

When it comes to one of the popular smart phone manufacturing company Apple has successfully managed to come up with the production of iphone series that won the attention of millions. After the release and apparent success of the iphone 7s the diehard fans of this company are looking for the release of their next flagship the iphone 8. Before the lauch of the phone there was a lot of speculations about various features and specifications that we were going to get our hands on with the iphone 8. Even though the confirmation of these rumors was not validated we all were very hopeful that this latest version is going to be one revolutionary model released so far by Apple. Recently we got one confirmation that iphone 8 would be having the wireless charging feature in it, and we are excited to know more about it.

First of all we heard the news that the iphone 8 which is going to be one of the best smart phones of the year 2017 is going to do away with the 3.5mm headphone jack , along with having no home button. If this was not enough we also hear that the iphone 8 is going to have three variants along with added features and several attractive specifications. Not only is this, in order to give a tough competition in the market against rivals’ iphone 8 also going to be waterproof and dust resistant. Now coming to the news about the wireless charging let us throw a bit of light into the news. According to a report from sources Lite-On Semi has taken up Apple’s supply chain, where in order to provide half of the required GPP bridge rectifiers, which is going to be needed in order to make wireless charging work properly. Even though Lite-On Semi has apparently refused to give any comment on this we do get a hint of the probability. Now coming to the wireless charging rumors for the latest model iPhone 8, we know this for a fact that iphone 8 is going to have a glass back, which falls in places with a glass back is something that is needed for the wireless charging as charging through metal is not really the brightest idea of all. If this is true than the confirmation on the news answers all that we want to know. We even hear that the cost  of the latest Apple iphone 8 is going to be around $1200, which is actually expensive but totally worth it  since the features included in the smart phone are extremely desirable.

In conclusion, we are getting the iphone 8 with the much talked about wireless charging feature along with the several other additions. With the presence of competition in the market among big companies like the Samsung, LG, Xiaomi who are also in the race of reaching to the top by coming up with the launch of their next flagship in 2017 . We even get to know that Apple will be celebrating their 10th anniversary next year so it is guaranteed that the smartphone will be worth the wait. So till then all we can do is wait patiently till the iphone 8 hits the market.

Rockstar Games rumored to announce GTA VI in mid June, may make some of the biggest improvements!

Today’s world is all about smartphones and its games. Manufacturers are making smartphones with 4 or 6 GB of RAM to ensure that the hardcore gamers don’t face any lag or trouble playing the games but to be honest, playing on a big screen is way better than playing the games on a 40 inch screen or so. Well, as we have got to the consoles, one of the most played games in years is the GTA Series by Rockstar Games. Rockstar games came up with the GTA I or Grand Theft Auto I in 90s and it dint work that well. The breakthrough that the company needed was given to them in the form of GTA Vice City which had pretty good graphics and it wasn’t too hard to play. But, this still wasn’t the game that would blow every gamers mind. In the year 2004, Rockstar Games launched San Andreas which was one of the best games that we have ever played in recent times and it still is one of the most enjoyed games. The company also launched GTA III, GTA IV and GTA V, which became the best sellers of their time as well. But, now the time is up and Rockstar Games are planning to make a new announcement, supposedly for GTA VI.


Deviant, who is the parent company of Rockstar Games hinted on a recent launch from the stable. However, it is not clear whether the company will go on launching the next installment of the GTA Series or not. But, it is time for the GTA 6 to arrive and Rockstar games have made few changes this time so let’s have a look at them.

  1. Female & Male Characters

Rockstar games know that they have a lot of female fan following as well so that is why they have decided to include a bad-ass female character in their story line. Now, users will have an option of playing as the male or female character. This would mean that they are aiming even higher record breaking sales this time as they hit both the demographics.

  1. VR Support

VR or Virtual Reality is the future and Rockstar games know it very well and that is why they have made it possible to play the GTA VI on our beloved VR sets. Though it would be possible to play this game on VR set only after the launch of Playstation 5 or XBox Two. But whenever they launch, VR portability to the GTA VI will make it one of the best games to play.

  1. Real Time International maps

The only complain from the GTA series was its duplicate maps. Earlier, Rockstar games have tried to incorporate various monuments in its games but to be honest the maps and streets never felt like they existed in real. But this time, Rockstar games might give us fully fledged maps in which our character will be able to fly to different countries and do much more stuff.

Rockstar Games is expected to announce the GTA VI in the month of June and the release of the game will be in 3rd Quarter or December to be precise. Till then, bookmark our website for more updates.

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